antibiotics; the enemy of the elements of life, but…

The use of antibiotics has an unavoidable benefit in cases where the infection reaches life-threatening risk levels.


There is no harm in even using poison in crisis situations. As is known, thousands of years of experience in traditional medicine are also referred to here. Although it is known that poison is the best and most effective medicine, the importance of dose and duration of use should not be forgotten. It has always been mentioned throughout history that this poison, if paid attention to, can be turned into a medicine. Therefore, the situations that make antibiotics undesirable, especially in the last 30-40 years, are very common and unfortunately used in every infection situation. In the low, medium, high and very high stages of the infection, it is inconvenient to use antibiotics regardless of the difference. The use of antibiotics on viruses, bacteria and almost all microorganisms is dangerous. We must not forget that antibiotics will always exist in our lives. However, doctors who prescribe antibiotics and anyone who takes them should know that the gut flora will deteriorate with the use of antibiotics, and it should be used and written given the importance of the gut to human health.


You can better understand the definition of antibiotic if you discuss it in other languages. If you look at the meaning of the word antibiotic, it means eliminating the elements of life, some sources have translated it into Turkish as “against life”. If we look at Arabic, we see it used as “the enemy of the elements of life”. The threat that destroys bacteria and is the enemy of bacteria also becomes the enemy of life.


I did an important study on this for anyone to try; I threw antibiotics into the mother of vinegar, which is a microorganism, a bacteria. You know that the bacteria in the vinegar mother and the beneficial bacteria in our gut are the same. And you will see that the mother of vinegar, who is given antibiotics, does not reproduce. You will see with your eyes that it kills beneficial bacteria that are the element of life. To reduce the use of chemical antibiotics, foods rich in vitamins and folic acid, such as onion, garlic, radish, pomegranate, spinach, ginger, kiwi, red pepper, leek can be consumed.


We have to be very, very careful when using antibiotics and we absolutely have to stay away from them except in essential situations. In short, if the use of antibiotics is limited, a conditional benefit can be called and use for more than a week should be avoided.

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