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SCU Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Hospital Chief Physician Lecturer Dr. Abdurrahman Takcı warned the citizens about the problems to be taken into account when purchasing qurbani in Sivas, where no qurban outlet will be established due to the alum quarantine. Takcı stated that foot and mouth disease is not a zoonosis and said, “FMD is actually an ungulate disease. In other words, we can say that sheep, goats and cows are their disease. It is a viral disease and they can spread among themselves.

The Department of Agriculture makes year-round statements about the disease and can get it under control. However, sometimes there may be points where diseases arise. These are declared quarantine zones and the entry and exit of animals is prohibited. This disease is not a zoonosis. For this reason, there is no contamination related to people at work. Consuming meat or milk from an animal with foot and mouth disease does not pose a problem to human health. Because the sacrificial animals are usually fed in areas isolated from pastures, foot and mouth disease does not usually occur there. Foot and mouth disease can mainly be observed in areas with many animal entrances and exits and in pastured animals. If animals have foot and mouth disease, the animal’s feed intake decreases and excessive salivation occurs. Accordingly, the formation of ulcers in the mouth and soft tissues is observed.


Takcı stressed that animals whose antibiotic treatment for alum has lasted at least 20 to 40 days are preferable to be sacrificed, Takcı said, “There is no cure for alum. It can only be prevented through the vaccination program. Foot and mouth disease increases the fever of the animal, antipyretic is applied Antibiotics can be applied to prevent infection, to prevent another disease However, since there is very little time left until Eid al-Adha, antibiotic applications will leave residues in the meat This is when this situation can be dangerous for humans. For this reason, antibiotic treatment for foot and mouth disease can be done in the near future. It will be beneficial not to buy the sacrificed animal that has been seen or replace it as it’s taken,” he said.

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