Application of stem cells turns back time in knee and joint problems

Orthopedics and traumatology specialist Op. Dr. Harun Kütahya stated that they can turn back time in knee and joint diseases with the application of stem cells. “We talked about the surgical options that might be out there. Today we can regenerate the cartilage by applying stem cells and restoring it to its original state,” he said.

“Stem cell application can also be used for ankle cartilage problems”

Explain that application of stem cells is not only used for cartilage repair, Op. Dr. Harun Kütahya said: “We also apply stem cells to patients whose meniscus has healed. After the meniscus tear is sutured, we apply stem cells to that area, accelerating tissue healing in the repaired area, increasing the success rates of the repair results and accelerating healing. Stem cell application can also be performed in ankle cartilage problems. There is also an effect that can increase the chance of recovery. It also increases the ability to recover after tendon ruptures in muscle tendon complaints.

“The stem cell repairs the tissue that is applied to that tissue”

Kiss. Dr Harun Kütahya stated that the areas of use have diversified as the stem cell adapts to the environment it is in, saying: “It can make the worn-out or lost area healthy again. For example, it turns into bone in the area where the bone is “It turns into cartilage between cartilages. When applied to the area where the muscle is located, it can turn into a muscle. Basically, it can repair and give back to the tissue it’s applied to,” he said.

Kiss. Dr Harun Kütahya noted that when applying stem cells, the timing of the procedure is determined after first evaluating the patient’s condition, and said: “We use adipose tissue derived in routine practice. Bone marrow-derived is also used, but we do not use stem cells produced by culture in a lab environment. Very large laboratories have to be set up for this. “After a second procedure, the stem cell is taken from the patient and produced in the culture medium, and then the stem cell has to be applied to the patient with a second operation. This process is difficult both in terms of money and comfort for the patient. That’s why we use the cell derived from the patient’s own adipose tissue,” he said.

“For stem cell application, it is sufficient to take in between 100 and 200 cc of fat”

Emphasizing that the amount of fat to be ingested may increase with the age of the patient, Op. Dr. Harun Kütahya said, “Kilt fat is not removed like in slimming surgery. For stem cell application, which we can apply to a single joint, it is sufficient to take between 100 and 200 cc of fat. We add stem cell-rich oil to the joint as much as possible so that the number of stem cells we are going to give exceeds the millions. Let the benefit be faster and faster,” he said.

Kütahya said there is a two-week protection period after applying stem cells and said: “The patient to whom we applied only stem cells goes home in the evening. This is done in the operating room. It is a comfortable procedure. We recommend our patients to stay away from heat during the two week protection period.

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