Arzum AR2022 Metalium Review & Features and Notes

Arzum AR2022 Metalium toaster is a candidate to be an indispensable part of your kitchens with its functionality and modern design. Arzum AR2022 Metalium, designed to prepare toasts, which are indispensable for breakfast, allows you to prepare delicious toasts in a short time thanks to its powerful heating system. We have researched all the details about Arzum AR2022 Metalium in this content for you.

Arzum AR2022 Metalium Toaster

While the Arzum AR2022 Metalium offers a stylish look with its high-quality stainless steel housing, you can easily prepare toast of different sizes thanks to the extra large toast compartments. Thanks to the adjustable roasting controls, you can adjust the consistency of your toast to your liking and enjoy your breakfast to the fullest.

In addition, it is very easy to clean thanks to the removable crumb tray and non-stick coating. The Arzum AR2022 Metalium toaster, which you can use at home, in the office or wherever you want, combines functionality and aesthetics, so you can start the day right.

Here are all details about Arzum AR2022 Metalium toaster:

Arzum AR2022 Metalium design

You can store the Arzum AR2022 Metalium toaster vertically thanks to the vertical housing. The lock allows the plates to be transported safely when closed, they do not open during transport and do not take up space when stored. The oil drain channel and oil drip tray also make cleaning very easy. The thermostat warning light helps you use your toaster safely without worrying about the temperature. So, with all these features, it will become one of the most loved parts of your kitchen.

Arzum AR2022 Metalium Toaster, which has a very stylish look in terms of design, takes up a great place in your kitchens with its modern design. Thanks to the height adjustment, you can adapt to the thickness of your toast and thanks to the locking system, the plates can be safely transported and stored vertically when closed. It is also very easy to clean thanks to the oil drain channel and the oil drip tray.

Arzum AR2022 Metalium Capacitance

cutting capacity 4
Serrated grille 2 plates
power 2000W

Arzum AR2022 Metalium allows you to prepare your toast very quickly with its 2000W power and capacity for 4 slices for a delicious breakfast experience. Thanks to its powerful engine and cutting capacity, it manages to please you in terms of practicality. Thanks to the pouring plates, the taste of your toasts increases and the consistency is adjusted to your liking with the temperature setting.

Arzum AR2022 Metalium Temperature Setting

Arzum AR2022 Metal

The temperature setting of Arzum AR2022 Metalium allows you to prepare toast with the consistency you want for breakfast. Whether it’s making a lightly toasted or completely crispy toast, he knows how to help. The thermostat warning light is also a pretty easy way to control the temperature. Thanks to the pouring plates, while the flavor of your toast increases, it is also possible to adjust the consistency to your liking by using the temperature setting. You can also adjust the thickness of your toast with the height adjustment.

Arzum AR2022 Metalium Technical Specifications

  • 2000 watts of power
  • Height adjustment function
  • Temperature and thermostat setting
  • Capacity for 4 slices
  • Hygienic use with oil pouring tray
  • Warning lamp function
  • cast plate
  • Non-flammable material with non-stick coating

Arzum AR2022 Metalium Benefits

Arzum AR2022 Metalium Toaster can be easily used in any kitchen with its modern and stylish design. The fact that it is made of high quality materials adds durability and longevity to the product.

Another advantage of this toaster is that it is a practical device that people with a busy and fast-paced lifestyle may prefer. This device, which heats up quickly and cooks the toast in a short time, saves time and adapts to the hectic pace of everyday life.

Arzum AR2022 Metalium Toaster is also a product that may be preferred by people who follow a healthy diet. Thanks to the non-stick coating, toasts can be baked without oil, which is important for a healthy diet. In addition, it ensures hygienic use thanks to the easily removable and cleanable plates.

As a result, the Arzum AR2022 Metalium Toaster offers many benefits to users with its modern design, practical use, healthy cooking properties and durable materials.

Arzum AR2022 Metal

Disadvantages of Arzum AR2022 Metalium

While Arzum AR2022 Metalium Toaster has many advantages with its quality structure and features, it also has some drawbacks.

Arzum AR2022 Metalium Toaster has a rather large design and can therefore be difficult to use in a small kitchen.

The Metalium Toaster can be difficult to transport as it is a bit heavy compared to its competitors. Therefore, this drawback can be a hindrance if users need to wear it constantly.

This toaster is more expensive than other toasters. This may be the reason why some users do not prefer it.

These disadvantages do not alter the fact that Arzum AR2022 Metalium Toaster is a high-quality and useful product. However, users are advised to make a decision keeping these drawbacks in mind.

Arzum AR2022 Metalium User Reviews

Arzum AR2022 Metal

Here are the positive and negative comments from Arzum AR2022 Metalium users:

💬 It is a machine that I chose after a long research. It was not possible to find both a large and a cast iron grill for this price. The product is much bigger than I expected. It toasts 1 loaf of bread at a time.

💬 New member of my kitchen. When we decided to buy a toaster, we looked at many products. I finally decided on my Metalium wish. The machine is really good. If I make it with toast bread, I put it on stage, the heat is enough. If I’m making it with regular bread, I’ll set it on high. Enough, I’m satisfied.

💬 Price performance product exactly. It heats up very well and quickly. I bought it as a single, but it is a product that can be easily used by married people.

💬 It works very well. I definitely recommend it. Other products we used were quickly deformed due to children using them a lot. It is ideal for everyday use, you will be very satisfied, the heating system is very good.

💬 A very high quality product, I recommend it to everyone. I never regretted it.

💬 I can say that it is the most beautiful toaster I have bought, I am glad that I decided in this direction, it is not a problem to stay by my side.

💬 I have not used it yet, but the material quality is very good. The best price on the market is here. In terms of durability, this model is better.

💬 The plates do not come off, but they do not need to be removed, they can be easily cleaned. We bought it because it is 2000 watts and looks more elegant and stylish. Others look like trucks.

💬 The format is very sturdy, it would be better if the plates can be removed for cleaning. If I don’t put wax paper, it’s very hard to clean it all the time.

💬 The schedules won’t come out. absolutely. I don’t know what the cleaning will be like.

Scoring and rating

Arzum AR2022 Metalium Toaster will be one of the indispensable parts of your kitchens with its features like capacity, design and temperature setting. It is also very easy to clean thanks to the oil drain channel and the oil drip tray. With these features, our rating for the Arzum AR2022 Metalium Toaster is a 7 out of 10.

In this part of our content, we answer frequently asked questions about the Arzum AR2022 Metalium Toaster. Here are frequently asked questions about Arzum AR2022 Metalium:

How many slices of toast can the Arzum AR2022 Metalium Toaster make?

With Arzum AR2022 Metalium, four slices of toast can be made at the same time. Thus, it is possible to achieve sufficient results in the homes of large and large families or in group breakfasts.

How many watts does Arzum AR2022 Metalium run on?

Arzum AR2022 Metalium Toaster works at 2000 watts. This allows your machine to heat up quickly and reach the ideal temperature.

How to clean Arzum AR2022 Metalium?

Cleaning the Arzum AR2022 Metalium Toaster is very easy. You can clean the toaster grates and toaster bowl with a damp cloth. In addition, there is a toast compartment at the top of the toaster. After removing this part, you can easily clean the inside of the toaster.

What is the price of Arzum AR2022 Metalium Toaster?

The price of Arzum AR2022 Metalium varies depending on the different stores where it can be purchased. However, it usually has a higher price than other toasters. You can easily find the best price option through the links in our content.

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