Arzum AR3015 Bollente Features and Reviews

Like many electrical appliances that we commonly use in our daily lives, water heaters have now become an indispensable part of our lives. At the moment, a product like the Arzum AR3015 kettle, which will please you in terms of price and performance, can make your life easier. Let’s take a look at the technical characteristics and design of this kettle, which, with its many functions, gets the full attention of its users.

Arzum AR3015 Bollente Features

power 2000 watts
Capacity 2 L
Heat setting No
Weight Not specified
Security lock No
Colour Pink-white

Arzum AR3015 Bollente Kettle

Arzum AR3015 Bollente kettle adds elegance to your kitchen with its modern and stylish design. The device, which is quite light thanks to its plastic housing, can be easily operated by the support of the thermostat with adjustable temperature. While the safety system that prevents running out of water reduces the risk of burns, cleaning of the device can be completed practically and easily with the washable scale filter.

Here are all the details about the Arzum AR3015 Bollente kettle:

Arzum AR3015 Bulb Spring Technical Specifications

  • 2000 watt heating power
  • 2 liter water heating capacity
  • Plastic outer material
  • Security system function
  • Washable scale filter
  • Fast heating
  • pink white color
  • Ergonomic handle

Arzum AR3015 Bollente Capacity

Capacity 2 L
Temperature display No
Water indicator There is

Arzum AR3015 Kettle can easily meet the hot water needs of a large family or office thanks to its 2 liter capacity. This spacious water tank is large enough to meet the needs of many users. Thanks to its versatile design, it can also be used for smaller amounts of water.

Arzum AR3015 Bollente design

Arzum AR3015 Bulb spring

Arzum AR3015 kettle has been given a remarkable shape with its modern and stylish design. The device, which can be easily used in any kitchen thanks to its stylish appearance, offers a supportive use in the kitchen with its extraordinary body design. While the plastic material of the case increases portability with its light structure, the resistance of stainless steel pleases you in terms of durability. Arzum AR3015 Bollente, which can be easily filled thanks to the lid opening lock, also contributes to a tidy kitchen appearance with its cord storage. The opening lock of the lid, on the other hand, offers practicality.

Arzum AR3015 Bulb Spring Performance

The Arzum AR3015 kettle heats water very quickly with its superior power of 2000 watts. Bollente water heater, backed by a safety system that prevents it from running out of water, helps the unit to operate safely. In addition, thanks to the washable limescale filter, cleaning the device is easier and the lifespan is extended. At the same time, the product’s auto-shut-off feature gets full marks from its users in terms of both safety and savings.

Arzum AR3015 Bulb Spring Size

Height 25cm
Width 20cm
Depth 16cm

Arzum AR3015 Bollente kettle has a very compact structure thanks to its dimensions of 25 cm in height, 20 cm in width and 16 cm in depth. With these dimensions you can easily store and take the device with you wherever you want. At the same time, the Arzum AR3015 Bollente, which attracts attention with its light structure, offers you a comfortable use.

Advantages of Arzum AR3015 Bulb spring

Arzum AR3015 Bulb spring

Arzum AR3015 kettle has many advantages. Among them, the quick heat-up function helps you get hot water in a practical way. The safety system that prevents it from running out of water ensures that the product is safe to use. In addition, it meets the needs of its users with features such as a washable scale filter and stainless steel resistance. In addition to all these advantageous features, the Arzum AR3015 Bollente water heater is a suitable choice for your budget with its affordable price.

Disadvantages of Arzum AR3015 Bulb Spring

Arzum AR3015 kettle has some drawbacks. First of all, the plastic material of the product may not be preferred by some users and may raise concerns about durability. At the same time, the white color of the product may cause cleaning difficulties for some users.

Arzum AR3015 Bollente User Reviews

Arzum AR3015 Bulb spring

Here are the positive and negative comments from Arzum AR3015 Bollente users:

💬 Simple and beautiful. The size of the product is a little big, you can compare it with 5L of water, I added the picture. Simple and stylish in design.

💬 Very good for the price. The wattage and volume are higher than its peers, and the noise is very low compared to the King brand I’ve used before. I was satisfied. I gave 1 star less because of the short cable.

💬 Price performance product, the water filled to the maximum fully boiled in five minutes. I recommend, good product.

💬 I like it very much, it came in a short time, it cooks very well and the appearance is very sweet, like cotton candy, I am very satisfied, I recommend it.

💬 We liked it, some friends wrote that the cable is short, it has nothing to do with it, it is very long and beautiful, I recommend it to everyone. Thanks to all involved.

💬 I bought it by looking at the comments, no problem for now, it looks like a good kettle and you do a simple operation on the site, it gives a 4-year warranty.

💬 The product is very good, thank you, it has a problem for now, it is not very coarse compared to other kettle models. I was satisfied.

💬 I think this is the best kettle for the price. It heats up quickly. I bought a present for my mother before. When he was satisfied, I bought it for myself, I recommend it.

💬 It boils late, if I put it in the teapot, it probably boils at the same time. I am not content.

💬 I bought the product with pleasure and appreciation, but was not satisfied with the plastic quality. I will come back.

Scoring and rating

Arzum AR3015 Electric Kettle has a quality design that can meet the needs of users with its stylish design and performance. Ideal for small families or individual users with a capacity of 2 liters, the product ensures long-term use thanks to the resistance of stainless steel. Although it is easy to move with its compact size, the lock for opening the lid and the cable storage unit also provide ease of use for the users. Our score is 7 out of 10 for the Arzum AR3015 Bollente kettle, which attracts attention with all these features.

In this part of our content we answer frequently asked questions about the Arzum AR3015 Bollente water heater.

How many watts does the Arzum AR3015 Kettle have?

Arzum AR3015 kettle is designed with a power of 2000 watts. Thanks to this high performance, it prepares the water by boiling it as quickly as possible.

Does the Arzum AR3015 kettle switch off automatically?

Yes, Arzum AR3015 Bollente kettle is supported with automatic shut-off function. When the water boils or runs dry, the device switches off automatically and knows how to please you at the point of safety.

What is the body material of Arzum AR3015 Kettle?

The body of the Arzum AR3015 kettle is made of plastic. In this way, the product that takes on a light shape can be easily transported and stored.

Can the scale filter of Arzum AR3015 Kettle be washed?

Yes, the scale filter of Arzum AR3015 Kettle has a washable structure. So, while ensuring long-lasting use, it also helps the water reach you in a healthier way.

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