Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense Features and Notes

Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense hair straightener, which offers the features you are looking for in hair care, straightens your hair thanks to the plate material with keratin and argan oil and helps to protect your hair with its nourishing properties. We have included all the details about this versatile straightener for you in this content. If you’re ready, let’s get started.

Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense Features

max. Heat 230°C
Warm-up time 30 sec
Heat setting 100°C – 230°C
Weight Not specified
Ion function No
Plate Width 40mm

Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense hair straightener

Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense hair straightener is a device that attracts attention with its wide plate, heat setting, fast heating time, automatic switch-off function and plate material with additions of keratin and argan oil. If you want your hair to be nourished while styling it at the same time, Mona Sense could be an ideal option for you.

Here are all the details about Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense hair straightener:

Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense Technical Specifications

  • Temperature setting from 100 – 230°C
  • 40 mm plate width
  • Automatic shut-off in 60 minutes
  • Easy tracking with LED screen
  • License plate locking system
  • Keratin and Argan Added plate material
  • Compact and modern design
  • wide plate

Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense Heat and temperature setting

Heat setting 100 – 230°C
Heat phase There is

Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense offers an ideal use for different hair types with its temperature setting you can choose between 100-230°C according to your hair types. This way you can choose the temperature that suits your hair type. Thanks to the heat setting that you choose based on the thickness and needs of your hair, Mona Sense also prevents your hair from getting damaged during styling.

Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense design

Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense

Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense has a stylish and functional design. It is supported by the plate locking system for easy handling and transportation. The ergonomic design makes it easy to use, while the long power cord supports your freedom of movement. In addition, thanks to the LED display, the temperature and other settings of the hair straightener are easy to monitor. In this way it offers a practical use.

Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense warm up time

Warm-up time 30 sec
Automatic shutdown There is
Automatic switch-off time 60 minutes

Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense offers a practical solution for users with a warm-up time of 30 seconds. Mona Sense, which is ready in a short time, will not let you down if you have to hurry. In addition, the Mona Sense straightener switches off automatically after 60 minutes of non-use, which increases safety. In this way, it ensures safe usage for users.

Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense Performance

Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense

Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense attracts attention with its high performance. While styling your hair, the heat from the plates is evenly distributed, making your hair look smoother. It also contributes to making the result more professional.

Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense Dimension

Length 285mm
Width 50mm
Depth 31mm

Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense is an ideal size for users with its length of 285mm, width of 50mm and depth of 31mm. This size increases the portability of the device. This hair straightener knows how to surprise its users as a perfect option for a trip or vacation.

Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense Benefits

Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense hair straightener is designed with keratin and argan oil added plate material that helps to keep your hair healthy. Thanks to the increased plate width, you can shape quickly and easily. In addition, the heat setting it offers allows you to choose the right temperature for your hair types. Mona Sense, which can heat up in 30 seconds, is easy and quick to prepare. While the plate locking system increases Mona Sense’s portability, the auto-shut-off feature increases safety and gives you versatile use.

Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense

Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense Cons

Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense hair straightener also presents some drawbacks for users. Depending mainly on the density and thickness of your hair, it can sometimes be difficult to straighten all the hair at once with Mona Sense. Some users have also stated that the device is heavier due to the material of the plates.

Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense User Reviews

Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense

Here are the positive and negative comments from Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense users:

💬 I bought it as a gift for my wife, she liked it. The bite adjustment locking mechanism is a nice product. We recommend it to those who think.

💬 In short, my beautiful hair swells up a lot after washing, but with this straightener it was great in 5 minutes. If you want to buy, don’t think twice.

💬 I passed out. My hair is curly and thick, my dream style in one coat. It deserves its price.

💬 I didn’t want to write without trying. I was amazed by the product. I straightened my hair in a very short time. I usually do the 2nd coat on my hair, but it straightened my hair in one go.

💬 I bought this product after a long research and reviewing the comments. I applied the product to dry hair, my hair is long, bushy, wavy, damaged and thick. However, the result pleased me very much. I advise.

💬 The product slides and goes, it has a lock. It’s nice, thanks to the wide plate it can hold a lot of hair. My old hair straightener is 10 years old, I was very happy with it and it still works without any problems, but it pulled my hair so this product was my new choice. I was very satisfied.

💬 The product came out better than I expected, it’s a very nice hair straightener, it doesn’t frizz and I straightened my hair in about 8 minutes. I recommend it to those who are considering buying it.

💬 It came in 1 day and I thought a lot when I bought it but as soon as I opened it I thought it would be difficult to straighten the bottom because it is wide but it’s not a problem it’s comfortable and straight away.

💬 Degree plays by itself and heats up to the handle. The plastics also got very hot. It’s not much different from a 150 TL machine.

💬 The product arrived today, the lid does not close completely, you have to press hard, this makes you tired. My hair is curly, the straightening is average. Frankly, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Scoring and rating

Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense hair straightener attracts the attention of users with its many advantages. Sheet material with keratin and argan oil, which nourishes and straightens hair without damaging it, helps users protect their hair. Mona Sense is a user-friendly and practical device thanks to its fast heat-up time, automatic shut-off function and portability. However, some users have noted that due to the material of the plates, Mona Sense is heavy or sometimes has a hard time straightening hair. Taking all this into consideration, our rating for this hair straightener will be 6 out of 10.

In this part of our content, we answer frequently asked questions about the Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense hair straightener.

What is Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense sheet material?

The plates of Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense hair straightener are made of ceramic material with additions of keratin and argan oil. This material helps to protect and nourish the hair during styling. So your hair will not be damaged much after straightening.

How long does it take for Arzum AR5035 to warm up?

Ona Sense can heat up in just 30 seconds. This quick warm-up function makes Mona Sense more convenient to use.

Does Arzum AR5035 damage it while straightening?

Keratin and argan oil added plate material of Arzum AR5035 Mona Sense hair straightener helps to protect the hair during styling. Therefore, Mona Sense can straighten hair without damaging it.

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