Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux Features and Reviews

Irons, one of the indispensable parts of our lives, are our greatest helpers during the housework. However, finding a good iron can sometimes be a daunting process. Arzum is here with the AR693 Steamart Lux Iron to make things easier for you. While this iron navigates over a smooth surface thanks to the ceramic soleplate, it easily irons out creases thanks to the high steam power. In addition, with its smart technology, the iron’s temperature and steam settings are automatically adjusted, ensuring perfect results for any type of fabric. If you want to save time while ironing at home, you should try the Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux iron.

Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux steam iron review

power 3000 watts
Weight 1.3 kg
Vapor pressure 65gr/min
Shock Vapor Pressure 250 grams
Water reservoir 400ml

Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux Features

  • 3000 watts of power
  • Funnel of 400 ml
  • Vertical steam option
  • Safe use with automatic shut-off
  • Optimal ceramic base technology
  • 250 grams of steam boost
  • Acoustic and light warning system
  • Self-cleaning function

Today I will tell you about an excellent steam iron: Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux. With a power of 3000 W, this iron performs extremely effectively. The iron, which has a continuous steam output of 65 g/min, produces 250 g/min of steam with its shock steam function. In this way, even the most difficult wrinkles are easily opened.

Since the water tank capacity of the iron is 400ml, it will continue uninterrupted for a long time. Thanks to its optimal ceramic soleplate, it facilitates the ironing process and allows you to complete it in a short time. In addition, it is extremely comfortable to use thanks to its anti-limescale and anti-drip system.

Thanks to the vertical steam function, you can easily iron large and vertical surfaces such as curtains and armchairs. In addition, safe use is guaranteed thanks to the automatic switch-off function, adjustable temperature and acoustic and light warning systems.

Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux makes ironing easier thanks to the self-cleaning function and ionized soleplate technology. The water jet and turbo steam pump also provide extra power during ironing. It is also very easy to use thanks to the smart motion sensor.

Finally, thanks to the cable length of 2 meters, you can use it comfortably without restricting your area of ​​use.

You can now enjoy ironing with Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux. You should definitely try this iron, which with its practical and powerful functions can easily remove even the most stubborn wrinkles.

Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux Security

Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux iron, equipped with the Anti Calc system that prevents limescale deposits, combines high performance and safety. The iron is equipped with 3 automatic switch-off functions, so it can switch itself off in 8 seconds when upright and in just 30 seconds when the soleplate touches the ground.

So you don’t have to worry if you forget your iron in an emergency at home or at the office. Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux Iron always prioritizes your safety.

Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux steam pressure

Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux

With the powerful steam of the Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux iron, you can easily remove wrinkles from your clothes. This iron can produce 250 grams of steam per minute and 65 grams of continuous steam per minute. This allows you to easily open even the most difficult creases.

In addition, the smart motion sensor in the iron makes the powerful steam even more efficient. This sensor saves energy by stopping steam production when you let the iron stand still. This way you also reduce your energy bill.

If you want to iron without using steam, the Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux iron allows you to deactivate the smart motion sensor with a single button. This way, you can easily switch between ironing with and without steam. In addition, the iron, which pleases its users with its vertical steam function, also allows vertical ironing in terms of comfort of use.

Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux water tank

Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux

Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux iron offers powerful performance with a large 400ml water tank. This capacity allows you to continue ironing for a long time without interrupting it. In addition, the iron’s fast heat-up function speeds up your ironing process. In just a few minutes your iron is ready to use and you are ready to tackle creases.

Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux sole technology

Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux

The soleplate of the Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux iron is made of ceramic material. Ceramic soles are known for their smoothness and scratch resistance. That’s why the Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux iron glides easily thanks to its optimal ceramic soleplate and prevents the formation of scratches on the clothes.

Ceramic soles are also more durable compared to other materials. This means that even if you use the Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux iron often, it can last a long time.

Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux reviews

👤 I have never seen such a comfortable and convenient iron. It deserves every penny of your money.

👤 Perfect, I use it too. We bought a dowry for my daughter. It is a beautiful product that generates steam, gives an audible warning and switches off automatically when dropped.

👤 I bought the product for my dowry on the recommendation of my friend, I plugged it in and checked the heat, it heats up very quickly, no need to wait. The performance is pretty good too, I like using it.

👤 It is a great product that I bought for myself before. Now we have it for my mother. Buying an iron with these features at this price is an excellent thing.

👤 The product has multiple functions. It is more than worth its price. It heats up quickly and loses wrinkles effortlessly, I like it.

Our final decision

Arzum AR693 Steamart LuxArzum AR693 Steamart Lux makes ironing easier and more efficient. First of all, this iron has a powerful steam boost. This way you can easily smooth out your fabrics and save time by quickly removing wrinkles.

In addition, the Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux iron prevents scratches on fabrics thanks to its scratch-resistant ceramic soleplate. This feature is very important, especially for delicate fabrics.

In addition, thanks to the anti-calc function, this iron prevents the formation of limescale and ensures long-lasting use.

In addition, the Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux iron has a user-friendly control panel. With this panel you iron at the desired temperature and steam power.

In short, the Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux iron makes ironing easier and more efficient thanks to its powerful steam boost, scratch-resistant ceramic soleplate, anti-calc function and user-friendly control panel. With the purchase of this iron, you can iron your clothes faster and easier.

In this section of our content, we have included frequently asked questions about the Arzum AR693 Steamart steam iron.

Does the Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux iron have an anti-calc function?

Yes, the Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux iron has an anti-calc function. This function prevents the formation of limescale on your iron and extends the life of your iron.

How do I use the control panel of the Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux iron?

The control panel of the Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux iron is very easy to use. It has separate buttons for temperature and steam power settings. You can carry out the ironing process by making the desired settings.

Is the Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux iron suitable for sensitive fabrics?

Yes, this iron is suitable for delicate fabrics. Thanks to its scratch-resistant ceramic base, it prevents the formation of scratches on the fabrics and easily smoothes the fabrics with the powerful steam spray function.

How much is Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux Iron?

The price of the Arzum AR693 Steamart Lux iron may vary depending on the city and region where the product is sold. However, it is in a price range that is generally considered a mid-range iron. You can click on the links in our content to reach the best prices.

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