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Reading plays a great role in enriching children’s imagination, turning them into different fields, developing their vocabulary and increasing their writing skills. Therefore, this issue is also given importance in the projects carried out to improve the lives of children in 11 provinces affected by the February 6 earthquakes. Volunteers and associations not only collect books, but also pave the way for the establishment of libraries in the region.

One of the most recent examples of these efforts is the prefabricated library that will open today, April 23, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, in Gaziantep. Workshops and events will be held here for a year with the support of children’s authors and experts in child psychiatry.

Özge Altınok Lokmanhekim, author of children’s books who has been working for months and carries out projects for the region, shared what has been done so far and what can be done from now on…

‘We set up mobile children’s libraries in tent cities’

Özge Altınok Lokmanhekim, author of children’s books

– Advertising agency Air Istanbul launched the ‘Traveler Children’s Libraries’ project on 11 February. A total of 250 books have been put out for 5 books and 1,200 books have been collected in a short time with the help of volunteers. The books are selected by a small team of psychologists and experts, including myself as the author. Those who want to support the project can buy books on the Istanbul Kitapçısı website ( We send the books to the libraries we have set up in the children’s and educational tents in tents and container cities. 3 libraries in Hatay and 1 library in Kahramanmaraş were established.

– Red Roof, the child-friendly center opened today by the Red Children’s Association in Kahramanmaraş, the education support units established by ÇABAÇAM in Adıyaman and Kahramanmaraş, and the Cumhuriyet Primary School Tent City established by Filli Boya in Hatay, Samandağ, where new libraries will be set up.

– In collaboration with Marmara University Information Document Management Club, Child and Youth Publications Association and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Libraries and Museums, the field children’s libraries project is being implemented in Gaziantep. The books, board games and educational materials collected by the members of the society were organized and prepared by the students of the club members according to the library system. Expected to open today, these prefabricated libraries will host workshops and events for a year with the support of authors of children’s books and experts in child psychiatry. (@sahrachildlibraries)

– It was stated that Turkey is one of the projects that the Children in Crisis Fund will support this year because of the earthquake. Under the leadership of the Child and Youth Publishing Association, this fund will support libraries to be set up in the earthquake area and the bibliotherapy training of the staff who will work in these libraries, ie therapy with books.

we can support

-A charity campaign was launched through the @1kitap1fotograf Instagram account to establish a library in Kahramanmaraş. You can send it from undamaged books in your home. You can also browse and send the published list according to your needs. @1book1photography

– You can send your unused toys and books suitable for different age groups. To donate, please contact [email protected].

– The aim of the project, which is being carried out with the support of BAYETAV, which was founded under the leadership of psychotherapist Ersin Akkurt and social services specialist Ahmet Sert who lives in Hatay, is to bring a permanent library to life in Hatay . They are striving to expand the tent library they have set up in Samandağ and is currently in active use. At the same time, we are working hard to turn the library into an activity room. For this reason, they also accept entries such as board games and movie CDs. To date, a total of 30 thousand books have been reached. You can call (0543) 373 64 98 to send books and for detailed information.

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