Asthma patients come to the doctor too late

Breast Diseases Specialist Dr. Neslihan Kantarcı stated that the incidence of asthma is gradually increasing due to changes in living and environmental conditions; He said asthma-related deaths worldwide are estimated at 250,000 people per year. Defining asthma as “a chronic airway disease characterized by recurrent shortness of breath, wheezing, chest pressure, and coughing,” says Dr. Kantarcı stated that the most common triggers of asthma are allergic factors such as pollen, dust mites, pet hair and chemicals used in occupational and household use. He added that the main factors that increase seizures, in addition to those mentioned above, are upper respiratory infections, smoking and not using drugs properly and correctly.

Noting that the chronicity of the disease and variable symptoms cause patients to get used to it and delays in seeing a doctor, Dr. Kantarcı also said: “Fear of being diagnosed with asthma, false preconceptions about the disease and medicines also lead to treatment non-compliance. However, asthma is a manageable and reversible disease. Although it varies from patient to patient, it usually does not require a lifetime of drug use. Asthma medication is not addictive. With the introduction of new biological agents in treatment apart from routine drugs that have been used for a long time in recent years, asthma has become a more and more permanent curable disease.

“If these symptoms are not seen, asthma is under control”

Dr. Kantarcı listed the symptoms that show that asthma is under control as follows:

“No complaints of asthma during the day; not waking up at night due to asthma; when using medicines that treat and control the disease, no additional rapid-acting inhalers are needed; normal breathing measurements; able to carry out daily work unimpeded”.

Recalling that all kinds of medicines are needed for the treatment of this disease in the world and in our country, Dr. Kantarcı stated that with all efforts, the number of patients whose asthma is fully controlled has increased, but still is not at the desired level.

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