Astronomers detect the largest cosmic explosion ever

Astronomers have detected a cosmic explosion 10 times brighter than the largest supernova ever observed.

According to the BBC news, astronomers claim that the 2020 explosion captured by the Zwicky Facility in California, USA and whose brightness lasts for 3 years, is the largest cosmic event ever recorded.

University of Southampton Dr Philip Wiseman said that because of the long duration of the recorded explosion’s brightness, he and his team analyzed the light last year and calculated that the explosion was 8 billion light-years away.

Emphasizing that such a bright and long-lasting light has not yet been found in the scientific literature, Dr. Wiseman noted that they were “extremely surprised” by the findings.

Underlining that it takes a few months for the brightness caused by most supernovae to dissipate, Wiseman said, “We were very surprised that the brightness lasted more than 2 years.” used the phrase.

Dr. Dr. Wiseman said the event in question sent shock waves into space, and the remnants of the superheated gas cloud surrounding the black hole also produced a ringed glow.

“These events, while extremely rare, may generate enough energy to be key processes in how the centers of galaxies change over time,” Wiseman said. used the phrase.

Wiseman stressed that his team is working to obtain more detailed information about the explosion and hopes it will be easier to detect similar events with advanced telescope systems that will be activated in the coming years.

Speaking to the BBC, the Vice President of Britain’s Royal Astronomical Society, Dr. Robert Massey stated that an event of this magnitude had never happened before.

Dr Massey said research will begin on the detection of similarly sized explosions in space, saying: “I’d be surprised if this was the only event in the universe.” said.

The results of the study are published in the publication “Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society” of the British Royal Astronomical Society.


A supernova is the violent explosion of massive stars that run out of energy. The brightness of a supernova can reach a hundred million times the brightness of the sun, researchers report.

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