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Claiming that “nerve entrapment” (compression) occurs due to compression or compression of the nerves extending to the arms and legs of the body along the anatomical pathways, specialist of Medical Park Antalya Hospital Complex Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department. Selkin Yılmaz reported that the patients presented in the future with complaints of numbness, tingling, loss of sensation, pain and even loss of muscle strength. Claiming that the nerve passes through a narrow anatomical structure, fractures and trauma in the region, repetitive stress in occupational or daily use, repetitive movements such as squeezing the diaper, rubbing with pressure, cause this syndrome. Yılmaz said: “Computer use has become a problem that can affect all age groups for reasons such as straining the arms at the desk, crossing the legs, sitting cross-legged, prolonged cell phone correspondence, using a computer lying down, and prolonged arm pressure while sleeping.”


Underlining that the most common numbness in the hand, loss of strength, carpal tunnel syndrome and cubital tunnel syndrome, as well as compression of the radial nerve in the arm can be seen, specialist Dr. Yılmaz said: “In the legs, nerves such as the sciatic nerve, femoral nerve, peroneal nerve and tibial nerve can also be affected. It is very likely that the doctor will understand the degree of nerve compression during the examination, but additional tests such as EMG, MRI, X-rays can still be requested. Emphasizing that the only disease that causes numbness in the hands and feet is not the compression of the terminal nerves, specialist Dr. Yılmaz said: “Neck and lumbar disc herniation, spinal stenosis, some brain diseases, disorders that cause paralysis of the brain and spinal cord, and some muscle diseases can also cause these symptoms. Further investigations and examinations are absolutely necessary for the differential diagnosis. In addition, we can see these entrapments in some systemic diseases, inflammatory joint rheumatism, myxedema, acromegaly, situations where edema increases or anatomy is disturbed, and even during pregnancy.


Claiming that in some cases the pressure isn’t on a single nerve, specialist Dr. Yılmaz said: “As with the exit syndrome, the pressure can be on a nerve network made up of many nerves or even on the veins. In these cases, in addition to the signs of nerve compression, there will also be circulatory problems. All of these conditions must be corrected during treatment. Sometimes the failure can occur in two places at the same time. Although the pain is more severe in these cases, all of these conditions can be treated.”


Claiming that the cause of the press must first be found and eliminated in treatment, says specialist Dr. Yılmaz said: “The patient’s habits should be determined, for example if one understands that he is constantly resting his arm on the table or on the edge of the couch, he should be advised to avoid this. If the pressure has caused weakness and pain, physical therapy sessions, strengthening exercises, and medication will be required. Nevertheless, in cases where the symptoms and examination results do not abate or in cases of severe involvement, the nerve should be released by surgical intervention.


The groups most affected by nerve entrapments; Claiming that there are people who work intensively with computers, people who work at desks, musicians, athletes, people who use tools and machines for a long time, and people who are very meticulous about cleaning the house, expert Dr. Yılmaz said, “If they have any of these symptoms, they should see a doctor before the nerve compression progresses and causes permanent nerve damage and loss of muscle strength.”

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