Attention for those who want to have beautiful skin before the summer

Skin specialist Ahmet Akın said that spring is the right time to prepare the skin for summer. Akın pointed out that the skin becomes lifeless due to the effect of the sun due to the prolonged time spent in the sea and swimming pool during the summer months. Akın stated that spring cleaning of the skin is very important before the summer arrives. Ahmet Akın explained what should be considered when preparing the volume for the summer.

“Stop smoking, watch your diet”

Akın said that deep cleansing of the skin cannot be done with cleansing products alone and said, “Start this spring with a deep cleansing of your skin. You cannot do this with only cleaning products. The first step to starting a large-scale change is to stop smoking. Remember that smoking is one of the most harmful factors for your skin. Aging of the skin, causing it to lose its moisture and oil balance; moreover, remove the cigarette from your life, which changes the color of the skin and makes it dull and lifeless. To have beautiful skin, our body needs enough vitamins and minerals. Put away fatty, carbohydrate-rich, and floury foods in the spring months. Make sure you drink less alcohol. Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to drink enough water. One of the simplest ways to get rid of accumulated toxins in your body is to drink plenty of water; This way your skin is renewed and you go into the summer with more shape.

“Don’t leave your skin without moisture”

Ahmet Akın said that the skin should be supported with the help of moisturizing creams and said: “Cleanse your skin regularly. When choosing a cleanser, make sure it is suitable for your skin type. Let your dermatologist advise you on this. Be sure to remove your daily makeup before going to bed. Don’t forget to protect your skin while enjoying the sun. Creams with a sun protection factor that is suitable for your skin type protect you against the harmful rays of the sun and help prevent sun spots. If you are out during the day, you can also choose your sunscreen from the variants that can be used under make-up. Support your skin with moisturizers. Before heading into summer, use moisturizers suitable for your skin type to ensure your skin is saturated with moisture. Moisturizers alone are not enough to hydrate your skin. Sufficient humidity; healthy skin color; It is very important for elasticity and smooth youthful appearance. Today; Adequate hydration can be achieved with hyaluronic acid injections injected below the surface of the skin.

“Know the enemies of your skin”

Akın said: “With age, the elastin fibers, which provide collagen and elasticity of the basic tissues in the inner layer of the skin, decrease. As a result, the skin becomes thinner. The blood supply also gradually decreases. The production of sebaceous glands is reduced. The skin becomes thin, dry, wrinkled and inelastic. These natural changes are accelerated by the sun, stress, malnutrition, environmental pollution, smoking and alcohol. External factors, especially the sun’s rays, are the main risk factor. The body needs very little sunlight to produce vitamin D, even 5 minutes is enough. Skin specialist Ahmet Akın also describes other factors that threaten the health of the skin, apart from the sun, as: “Leaving the skin unkempt and unprotected, unconscious use of care products, alcohol and cigarette consumption, inadequate and unbalanced diet, insomnia, stress, excessive sugar content.” consumption and going to bed without removing makeup,” he stated.

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