Attention to children unrelated to parents: the reason may be autism

Kocaeli Health and Technology University, Shadow Education Program for the Disabled, Lecturer Lecturer. To see. Barış Tuncer, in his statement on Autism Day, said that the child’s indifference towards his mother or father could be a sign of autism. Saying that autism shows up in early childhood and that these children should receive special educational support, Teacher. To see. Tuncer said, “Autism is a developmental disorder that usually starts at the first 3 years and continues throughout life, which can be defined as the inability of the individual to communicate verbally and non-verbally with his/her environment.”

Barış Tuncer stated that parents should monitor their children closely, especially in early childhood, and listed the symptoms as follows:

“The child makes no or very limited eye contact, the child does not smile and does not respond adequately to the parent’s facial expressions, does not look and does not respond when his name is spoken, even though he is 12 months old, does not start to speak at 16 months speaking using even one word, pretending not to hear what is being said, excessively active or inactive, not interested in surroundings, not enjoying physical contact such as hugging and kissing, handling inanimate objects instead of communicating with people , not communicating with peers in the community, not participating in games, isolating oneself from the environment, constantly repeating the same words even when learning to talk, not using it as a means of communication, making inappropriate sentences, speaking stereotypes, monotonous speech and tone, indifferent laughing and giggling at everything, excessive attachment to some objects, developing an obsession with part of an object (e.g. constantly playing with the steering wheel of the car) Exhibiting repetitive behaviors (e.g. clapping, jumping, twirling, rocking back and forth, flapping wings, etc.), not playing by daydreaming like normal children, lining up cars, spinning the wheels constantly, playing the same games, eating most of the time Exhibiting unusual behaviors such as eating disorders inability to perceive jokes and innuendo, excessive fear and reaction when entering a social environment, lagging behind peers or speaking strangely, constantly spinning some objects, repeatedly arranging objects with great care, unusually overreacting to changes in order and regularity in the daily life. Do not get irritated in case of obsession with order and disruption of routines. These signs should be noticed.

“They establish the first communication with the outside world with inanimate objects”

Barış Tuncer argued that parents should have information about children’s behavior in their developmental period and pointed out that children with autism are indifferent to their environment and seem oblivious to what is happening around them. Underlining that one of the first noticeable features, especially in the early period, is that children with autism are indifferent to their mother, Tuncer said: “They do not respond to situations such as the mother’s approach, distance, hug, presence of strangers. They establish the first communication with the outside world with inanimate objects. Their communication with living beings is also inanimate. They are like their communication with an object. They do not easily make eye contact. Their emotional response, crying, getting angry, happy being , is not related to the events around them and is therefore perceived as out of place.Children with autism usually have good motor skills and develop sitting, crawling, walking and hand skills in time.Autistic individuals, who give the impression that they do not perceive people around them and cannot interact with people are considered strange because their behavior is not determined by the environment but by the stimuli that come from their inner world,” he said.

Individuals with autism can be revived with early diagnosis and special education.

Recalling that today autism can be diagnosed at an early stage through tests, Tuncer said: “Early diagnosis and an appropriate rehabilitation program are very important to revive individuals with autism. Starting education of children with autism as early as possible autism offers an advantage in overcoming the child’s disability in educational terms.”

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