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Clinical psychologist Emre Gökçeoğlu provided information on what can be done to combat overthinking syndrome.

Overthinking often stems from insecurity

The overthinking syndrome is often associated with insecurity. Overthinkers try to control their thoughts and the future too deeply. This intense control drive is often seen as a result of fear. Therefore, the underlying psychological state of overthinking may be a form of anxiety disorder.

How to combat overthinking syndrome?

When we think too much about the past, we feel depressed. In the same way, we are in a position of fear and worry about the future. In fact, the human brain generates an average of 5,000 different thoughts per day. Trying to control them can cause overthinking problems and leave you alone with overthinking syndrome.

So, how to fight this syndrome?

Emre Gökçeoğlu said: “It is about limiting yourself to time: “If you realize that you are thinking too much, set 10 minutes during the day to think only about this topic specifically and only think about that topic within that time period . So you develop conditioning. The thoughts that go through your mind in your normal time zone will not disturb you.

People with overthinking syndrome usually have strict rules about themselves. If you are one of them, you should realize this and try to add flexibility to your life.”

It can be helpful to write down your thoughts.

Writing your thoughts down on a piece of paper and pen will help you embody them and get you out of your head purely into a mindset that is bothering you. Concreting thoughts can also help you lose the intensity of thoughts passing through your brain.

Learn to reject thoughts

Trying to do this can be quite challenging at first. Because we tend to believe that every thought that comes to mind is true. Since we don’t automatically know how to control our thoughts, we have to teach ourselves. Actually, we cannot control them, but we can accept or reject them. Whether the thought is acceptable or objectionable can help put an end to your overthinking problem. Because; Underneath this problem usually lies incompleteness and unacceptable thoughts. Therefore, it is very helpful to be flexible with yourself and to focus on the acceptable and objectionable aspects of your thoughts.

Do not hesitate to consult your environment.

“Perhaps you need the thoughts of your loved ones and those around you to bring to an end the thoughts and ideas that you cannot bring to an end in your own inner world of thought. “If you are struggling with the problem of overthinking, you have to be careful to be open to people’s help and support. Don’t hesitate to seek professional help if your concentration of thoughts is bothering you and you feel like you can’t handle it alone.

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