Avoid smoking for a healthy heart

Making statements on the occasion of Heart Health Week to emphasize the importance of fighting heart disease and raising awareness about heart health, Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Aydın said: “Smoking has serious damage to all organs and our heart is the organ that causes the most damage. Therefore, stay away from smoking to protect your heart health. Aydın said that 70 percent of cardiovascular disease in Turkey is caused by smoking and that a smoker is 14 times more likely to have a heart attack than a non-smoker.

“Smoking is the main cause of cardiovascular disease”

Assoc states that the biggest factor in heart disease is caused by tobacco and its products. Dr. Aydın said: “Tobacco and products that cause blood clotting and blood pressure, and also cause great harm to the heart by decreasing oxygen in the blood, should be avoided, because in this case the heart is tense and atherosclerosis occurs,” and established the importance of not smoking. Aydın stated that cigarette consumption should be considered an effective factor in the risk of developing heart disease: “Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Turkey and in the world, and deaths due to it are unfortunately increasing exponentially every year.”

“The risk of getting coronary heart disease is much higher”

associate Dr. Aydin, studies the risk of cardiovascular disease of smokers, which is 45 percent higher.

“Finish the cigarette in your brain”

Emphasizing that smoking has many harmful effects, especially on heart health and that smokers should quit as soon as possible, Assoc. Dr. Aydın said: “People who want to quit smoking should finish this job in mind. Deciding on this problem is the biggest step to take. Our state has well-equipped smoking cessation centers.” He used his expressions. Finally, Aydın said: “Since 1999, when our Turkish Anti-Smoking Association was established in the fight against smoking, it has made significant progress in raising society’s awareness against smoking. As we always say, we will keep fighting until the last molecule of the cigarette is destroyed.”

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