Avoid these foods during your period!

Saying that menstruation in women is a difficult process, Op. Dr. Soner Pul provided information on the foods to avoid during this period.


Saying that the problems that normally do not bother can cause discomfort during menstruation, Op. Dr Soner Pul said: “During this period, bloating, abdominal pain, cramps, depressed or irritable moods may be dominant. In general, many people can also make dietary changes to improve their mood. Although this diet-based diet seems to provide relief in a short time, it can also cause various problems in the body. Basically, two female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, rise and fall throughout the month, continuing the menstrual and ovulatory cycle; These hormones can affect many things, from our mood to our appearance. Dietary change can also be influenced by hormones,” he said.


Kiss. Dr. Soner Pul said that many women prefer unhealthy food, which is described as junk food, during menstruation and explained the foods to be avoided during menstruation as follows:

“She usually eats salty foods during her period. For example, the desire to consume foods such as potato chips may increase. But while these foods can temporarily improve mood, they can make menstrual symptoms worse. Consuming foods that are too salty causes bloating in the stomach. In addition, progesterone and estrogen hormones increase edema. Estrogen, mainly known as the female hormone, causes bloating during menstruation due to its edematous property. Packaged salty foods are high in sodium. Foods high in sodium also cause bloating. Therefore, it is better to avoid foods that are too salty.”


Saying that eating foods full of refined sugar causes a rapid rise in blood sugar, Op. Dr Saying: “This situation causes sugar to drop later in the day. So it can cause mood swings during menstruation and increase fatigue. According to studies, women who consume more sugary foods during this process are more likely to experience menstrual cramps than women. women who eat less sugar.Trying to suppress sweet cravings during this process with fruits, natural sweeteners, or snacks with a balance of protein and fiber can help maintain stable blood sugar levels while balancing mood .


Stating that oil-fried foods are among the foods to be avoided during menstruation, Op. Dr. “Fried foods can increase inflammation in the body because they are high in saturated fat, such as fatty cuts of meat, processed dairy products, and sweets. “This can exacerbate menstrual-related symptoms such as cramping, bloating, and sensitivity.”


Saying that caffeinated drinks can increase anxiety and disrupt sleep patterns, Op. Dr. “Because hormonal fluctuations can occur during menstruation, caffeine consumption can amplify symptoms such as breast tenderness, irritability and sleep disturbances, and can affect mental health by increasing anxiety. Consuming herbal teas in this process helps manage menstrual symptoms more easily. In addition to caffeine, carbonated drinks also belong to the product group that are not preferred during menstruation because they cause bloating. To spend menstruation more comfortably, it would be appropriate to consume nuts, foods high in fiber, a diet consisting of healthy fats, grilled or steamed foods.

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