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Breakfast should have a variety that meets our daily energy needs at the beginning of the day and contains the building materials necessary for the restructuring of the body and the strengthening of the connective tissue at the end of the day. Therefore, breakfast is an important meal that should not be overlooked. Do not eat foods containing oats and bran for breakfast. This is a big mistake made with the logic of feeling full for a long time. Our purpose with breakfast is to provide our body with the building materials it needs in the evening and to start the day with energy. Therefore, let’s pay attention to nutrition at breakfast. It is important not to be full for long, but to eat enough nutritious food. Our digestive system generally works with a tendency to laziness.

If you store a lot of food that is easily digestible in food. The digestive system is less interested in foods with a high nutritional value, but which take a long time to digest. For this reason, we should stay away from foods that contain sugar, made from flour, which we accept from processed foods and which we describe as water soluble. Let’s not choose such foods for breakfast until your digestive system gets stronger. Dr. Fevzi Özgönül continued his words as follows; As for the foods we don’t prefer for breakfast;

* More than 1 sandwich

* Including jam, even diet jam (diet jam cheats the body. Its revenge is with sweet crunch)

* Honey (although honey is natural and healthy, it makes digestion lazy because it contains sugar)

* All kinds of floury foods (if 1 slice of bread is not eaten, that amount of pastry or bagel can be substituted, but other floury foods are prohibited)

* Cereals consumed in the morning with milk (It is one of the foods that make the digestive system lazy. It is very easily digested and gives energy quickly. Just as the wood does not burn immediately if you run it with sawdust, it does that may not warm up but also breakfast cereal saves the day but it makes you hungry quickly, you can’t shrink once the valuable food you eat is digested. passage in the digestive system and makes you feel full for a long time by absorbing water, but it is one of the foods that harm you by preventing you from structuring at night. You can eat 1 teaspoon in the morning if you complain of constipation , but definitely don’t try to increase this amount or you won’t eat enough.) * Indoors Also stay away from foods such as toast or pastries with many ingredients. Because even if you put a lot of ingredients in it, the amount of bread will be more than the ingredients because you eat toast and the digestive system chooses laziness.

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