Awox Rapid Toaster Features and Reviews

One of the sweetest reasons to get up in the morning is the smell of fresh toast. The Awox Rapid Toaster makes it fun and takes just a few minutes to prepare hot, delicious and crispy toast. This little kitchen gadget is backed by many great features. You should definitely check out this content to discover all the details of this toaster, from the design to the capacity, from the temperature setting to the benefits.

Awox Rapid Features

power 750 watts
Plate Type teflon
cutting capacity 2
Cooking function There is
Height adjustment No

Awox fast toaster

The toaster is an indispensable part of our breakfast tables. A toast that we can prepare in a short time before leaving the house in the morning energizes us at the start of the day. The Awox Rapid toaster performs this function in the fastest and most efficient way.

Here are all the details about the Awox Rapid toaster:

Awox fast design

Awox Rapid toaster has a modern design with stylish white color. With its high heat protection and 90 degree opening function, it brings the use to a very safe point. In addition, this toaster, which you can easily store on your countertop thanks to its upright function, does not fail to adapt to any environment with its minimal dimensions.

Awox fast capacity

cutting capacity 2
Serrated grille 2 plates
Cooking function 2 plates

Awox Rapid Toaster has the capacity to prepare two toasts at the same time, with the support of Teflon coated heating plates. This feature saves time in the morning, helps you start the day off right and shortens toast prep time. So it gives you the opportunity to make toast according to your taste.

Awox quick temperature setting

Awox quickly

The Awox Rapid toaster ensures that your toast is toasted exactly the way you want it, thanks to the automatic heat setting. Thanks to this function, you will not encounter a problem such as burning your toast. Plus, your toast will cook evenly to the degree you want.

Awox Quick technical specifications

  • 750 W heating power
  • Automatic heat setting
  • 2 year warranty support
  • Capacity for 2 slices of toast
  • High heat retention
  • Low energy consumption
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • 90 degree opening lid

Awox quickly

Awox Rapid Benefits

Thanks to the fast heating function, the Awox Rapid toaster is ready for use in a short time. It is an extremely useful device with its height, width and depth measurements. It is also very easy to clean thanks to the easy-to-clean Teflon non-stick surfaces. When these features are added to the affordable price, it proves to be a very economical option for many users.

Awox Rapid Cons

The disadvantage of the Awox Rapid toaster is that the temperature cannot be set manually. This can be a drawback for some users. In addition, the fact that the housing only opens 90 degrees prevents the preparation of various types of food, such as grills. The product, which has caught the attention of its users with its affordable price, has also received negative comments due to its relatively undurable materials.

Awox Rapid format

Height 10cm
Width 24cm
Depth 24cm
Weight 1,135 gr

The Awox Rapid toaster is a functional product with a height of 10 cm, a width of 24 cm and a depth of 24 cm. The weight of the device is only 1,135 g. This makes it easy to transport. Thanks to its compact dimensions, you also save space in your kitchen.

Awox Rapid User Reviews

Awox quickly

Here are the positive and negative comments from Awox Rapid users:

💬Perfect to use. When you plug it in, it gets hot enough to melt the cheddar toast in 3 minutes. And the melting time of the cheddar is on average 3 minutes. Your toast is ready in 6 minutes. If you make a square toast, 2 pieces will fit perfectly next to each other.

💬 I bought it knowing it was small, I tried it as soon as it arrived, the previous ones were always big, I get used to it, it warms me up very well, I bought it by looking at the comments. I liked it too.

💬 Expectations of a cheap product should not be too much, but it is a very sufficient product that it cooks instantly, those who use its counterpart from a well-known brand say that it does not boil quickly, but this product is a unique boon especially for single people 🙂 I think you can buy it easily.

💬 The product is beautiful for its price, it arrived firmly and I immediately tried it, it is ideal. I hope it will last a long time. I like it very much, it takes two toasts, it is convenient, I recommend it.

💬 The value for money product is very convenient and heats up very quickly, it came intact, it was very well packaged. It is a very nice product and faster than I expected. I recommend it to everyone

💬 It’s pretty good, I tried it as soon as it arrived, it’s a fast-testing price-performance product. Small but very useful, I recommend this is my 2nd order, I bought one for my son and one for myself.

💬 It’s a nice product for its price, it doesn’t have an on/off switch, but it cooks quickly. Although we still have a 7-8 grand toaster, I bought it for my mom and she loves it. It takes up little space in the house, heats up quickly, is light, small and practical.

💬 The product is super in terms of price and performance, it does its job well and it is very fast, some machines are melted, so I use it a little carefully, I do not keep it open too much for now, it goes well, I guess very well.

💬 Just want to say that the lock broke after 9 days of use. Very, very poor quality material. Absolutely without any force, the locking latch broke when it clicked during the locking phase.

💬 I didn’t expect very good quality for this price, but honestly I didn’t expect anything simple enough to play the cover. I tried the product, I made a toast, it’s not bad, but the movement of the lid is a problem. And I made a toast, I wiped the top of it, the Awox text on it was removed, so simple and poor quality.

Scoring and rating

Awox Rapid Toaster is one of the most ideal choices for single homes with its affordable price. This machine, which stands out for its minimal dimensions, knows how to satisfy its users with its rapid heating. With the lid lock it is possible to prepare fully cooked, crispy toast. Our score for this machine, which has won the appreciation of its users in terms of price and performance, is 6 out of 10.

In this section of our content, we answer common questions about the Awox Rapid toaster. Here are frequently asked questions about Awox Rapid:

What is the door angle of the Awox Rapid toaster?

The lid corner of the Awox Rapid toaster can be opened up to 90 degrees. This way it doesn’t add to the grill prep while helping you make toast.

Does the Awox Rapid toaster have a quick warm-up function?

Yes, the Awox Rapid toaster has a quick heat-up function. This way your toast is ready faster than you expect.

Is the energy consumption of the Awox Rapid toaster low?

Yes, the energy consumption of the Awox Rapid toaster is low. With only 750 watts of power consumption, it keeps your bills low by keeping your budget in mind.

Does the Awox Rapid toaster have a lid lock?

Yes, the Awox Rapid toaster has a lid lock. In this way it is possible to get your toast fully cooked, while keeping your safety in the foreground.

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