Babies are lucky these days, they are protected by the vaccine

Pediatrics and Children’s Diseases Dr. Can Özoğlu recalled that the last week of April is celebrated as World Vaccination Week to highlight the importance of vaccines every year. Özoğlu stated that due to disciplined adherence to vaccination programs, many major diseases that threaten public health are on the verge of disappearing, and this may lead people to become complacent about vaccination compliance.

“We can protect our children with vaccines”

Dr Can Özoğlu said: “Vaccines are successful in preventing disease. Unfortunately, many diseases that plagued humanity in the past have been forgotten. However, the success of vaccination programs can only be possible with continuous and disciplined application. Mass deaths from smallpox, the disabled, infant deaths from pneumonia after measles at a young age, meningitis factors that cause far more deaths than today, cirrhosis diseases from previous hepatitis, all fall off the agenda all at once. However, when faced with diseases such as the Covid epidemic, we understand that when it comes to human health, prevention and taking precautions are much more successful than trying to cure. In addition, thanks to technological developments, it is possible to get new vaccines that protect us against diseases every day. While the parents of today’s children have had to deal with diseases and complications such as chicken pox, mumps and hepatitis A, they can now protect their babies against these disease factors with vaccines.

New vaccines are added every day

exp. Dr Özoğlu said that although they are not yet included in the national vaccination program, the number of new vaccines they can reach is increasing day by day. Dr. Özoğlu continued his words as follows:

“The Rotavirus (diarrhoea) vaccine is one of them, causing a significant number of hospitalizations in young children during the year and significant labor and economic loss for parents. The meningococcal microbe can cause meningitis and widespread disease, which can lead to death or permanent disability, even with the best treatment conditions. The new vaccines developed first against Meningococcal A and then against Meningococcal B ensured that our children were protected against this important disease. The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine has also taken its place among the new vaccines. With this vaccine it was possible to protect against genital warts caused by HPV infection and even genital cancers that may occur in the future.

‘There is an increase in the number of cases of some diseases’

Dr. Özoğlu also drew attention to the fact that the number of cases of some diseases that have decreased significantly, even those that are no longer seen, have increased due to successful vaccination programs in our country, which receives heavy immigration. Özoğlu added that the natural disasters we are experiencing carry the risk of epidemic diseases along with many problems, Özoğlu said: “When it comes to infections that can cause epidemics, we have to accept that vaccination is not an individual decision, but also a public health necessity. In times of such unfavorable circumstances, it is an indispensable condition to attach more importance than ever to vaccination to protect public health, not only for today but also for a healthy future. Let’s not have to go through painful experiences like Covid-19 to understand the importance and vital values ​​of vaccines.

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