BaByliss C332E Pro Review: Features and Reviews

The BaByliss C332E Pro curling iron is designed with advanced technology for easy and smooth curls. This curling iron helps you create bigger curls with its wide body. It also uses SublimTouch coating to prevent slipping and protects your hair from high temperatures. We have included all the details about the BaByliss C332E Pro in this content for you. When you are ready, let’s look at all the features of the product together.

BaByliss C332E Pro Features

Cylinder Width 32mm
Warm-up time Not specified
Heat setting 10
Weight Not specified
Ion function No
Maximum temperature 180°C

BaByliss C332E Pro Curling Iron

BaByliss C332E Pro curling iron offers ease of use with its medium size. The product, which stands out for its size and stylish design, can accompany you on your travels. Equipped with many features, the BaByliss C332E Pro is an ideal option for those who want hassle-free pliers operation.

Here are all the details about the BaByliss C332E Pro curling iron:

BaByliss C332E Pro Technical Specifications

  • 32mm roll width
  • Heat protected standard function
  • 10 different heat settings
  • Maximum temperature of 180°C
  • Illuminated operating indicator
  • SublimTouch overlay function
  • compact design
  • silicone point

BaByliss C332E Pro Heat and temperature setting

Heat setting 150-180°C
Heat phase 10
Cylinder Width 32mm

The BaByliss C332E Pro curling iron has 10 different heat settings that you can adjust to your hair type. These settings can vary from 150°C to 180°C. This way you can adjust the temperature suitable for your fine, normal or thick hair and make your curls look more natural and vibrant. At the same time, the roll width of 32 mm helps the product to give a more effective result.

BaByliss C332E Pro Design

BaByliss C332E Pro

The BaByliss C332E Pro curling iron stands out for its user-friendly design. Thanks to the non-heat-conducting silicone tip, you can hold your hair from the top of the device while styling, preventing it from coming into contact with your skin. In this way it is possible to increase the comfort of use. Plus, it’s easier to use with its heat-protected stand and illuminated operation indicator. However, due to its modern look, it is also seen as a stylish accessory.

BaByliss C332E Pro warm up time

The BaByliss C332E Pro curling iron heats up quickly. Ready to use in just a few minutes, this device automatically shuts off when not in use, ensuring safe use. In this way, both safety and energy savings can be achieved.

BaByliss C332E Pro Performance

BaByliss C332E Pro

BaByliss C332E Pro curling iron delivers superior performance compared to its competitors thanks to the even heat distribution. The SublimTouch coating helps prevent slipping and thus protects your hair from high temperatures. In addition, the 32 mm diameter tongs allow you to create large and lively curls.

BaByliss C332E Pro Benefits

BaByliss C332E Pro, 32mm width, SublimTouch coating and heat settings ensure high performance from the fork. This way you get easy and smooth curls. In addition, thanks to the different heat settings, it is possible to choose the temperature that is suitable for your hair type. You put your tongs safely on the heat-protected stand. This prevents the pliers from damaging the surrounding surfaces. While the fork is heating up, the indicator light will illuminate. This way it is easy to track when it is ready for use.

BaByliss C332E Pro Cons

The warm-up time of the BaByliss C332E Pro fork can be a bit long for some users. For this reason, you should know that you should take time for yourself before styling your hair. The large size of the pliers may also not be suitable for travel. If you are someone who prefers a small curling iron, this disadvantage may mean that the curling iron is not suitable for you.

BaByliss C332E Pro User Reviews

BaByliss C332E Pro

Here are the positive and negative comments from BaByliss C332E Pro users:

💬 The quality is beyond dispute, it is very good, it warms up instantly and shapes. For people with long hair, 32mm is fine. It gives a wavy blow-dry effect. I advise.

💬 The product is great, but I didn’t get the right mm. If your hair is layered, straight and straight falling out, I recommend going down a size.

💬 The hairstyle of the product is very beautiful, natural thick waves. However, I think my hair is very straight, and after an hour my hair becomes straight, I need a spray. I didn’t think if the temperature was a bit higher. I still really liked it.

💬 A very nice product format, curling is great. It heats up quite a bit. I recommend it to those who are considering it.

💬 I have a very beautiful tongue, long and bushy hair, I did all my hair in ten minutes. I am very satisfied.

💬 The product is excellent. It was bought for my dowry and I am very satisfied. It was a product that I had been following for a long time and when I came across a price below the market, I immediately bought it.

💬 Even though I did it for the first time, my hair was not bad. It will be even better. Good for warm-up and operation. The thickness is nice for long hair (below the shoulder). But the location of the on/off buttons is not good, people always turn it off accidentally.

💬 My hair wouldn’t come out of the curling iron I’ve been using for years and I had very hard hair. If you have thick/blunt hair like me and you like big waves, I definitely recommend Babyliss.

💬 It heats up very late and when you wrap the hair, it does not slip. The hair sticks. I would have sent it back if I hadn’t used it.

💬 It’s a great pliers for big waves, but I don’t think it’s suitable for short hair. Your hair should be quite long so that you can work comfortably.

Scoring and rating

The BaByliss C332E Pro curling iron is an excellent option for styling your hair. The SublimTouch coating and heat settings help the tongs perform well. In addition, the pliers are supported by features such as a heat shield stand and silicone tip to ensure your safety during use. Although the warm-up time is a bit long, you will like it in terms of performance. As a result, our rating for this product will be a 7 out of 10, as the pros of these versatile pliers easily outweigh the cons.

In this part of our content, we answer frequently asked questions about the BaByliss C332E Pro curling iron.

What coating does the BaByliss C332E Pro curling iron have?

The BaByliss C332E Pro curling iron has a SublimTouch coating. This coating makes the surface of the pliers smooth and smooth and allows the hair to slide easily over the pliers. At the same time, it can withstand high temperatures and prevents hair damage.

For which hair types is BaByliss C332E Pro suitable?

The BaByliss C332E Pro curling iron can be used on any hair type as it has heat settings suitable for different hair types. However, lower temperature settings are recommended for fine, sensitive hair, while higher temperature settings may be more suitable for thick hair.

How many heat settings does the BaByliss C332E Pro curling iron have?

The BaByliss C332E Pro curling iron has 10 different temperature settings. The heat setting, which can be adjusted between 150-180 degrees, ensures ideal styling for different hair types.

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