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Tumors that occur in the spinal cord or in the spinal cord membrane, grow in soft tissues, and affect the spinal bones are called spinal cord tumors. Depending on the size and location of the spinal cord tumor, it manifests with different symptoms in people. The formation of cancer cells in the spinal cord can have serious consequences with serious problems. Spinal cord tumors are divided into two according to the region where they occur. Outside the spinal cord and inside the spinal cord. While genetic factors and radiation exposure are thought to be involved in the formation of spinal cord tumors, the exact cause is not known. Symptoms vary depending on the site of the tumor. If it is in the waist area it will cause numbness in the legs and if it is in the neck area it will cause neck pain. In general, however, the symptoms of spinal cord tumors are;

– Severe pain in the back and sometimes in the neck and abdomen (especially at night) – Numbness, weakness and muscle weakness in the arms and legs

– Difficulty walking – Balance problems – Changes in bowel function – Urinary incontinence or difficulty urinating Neurological examination is paramount in the diagnosis of a spinal cord tumor, depending on the patient’s history and the symptoms that the person experiences. Subsequently, magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, computed tomography, direct radiography and bone scintigraphy clarify the diagnosis of the tumor. In addition, if there is a tumor, a biopsy is performed to understand the cause of the spinal cord tumor and determine its type. Kiss. Dr. İsmail Bozkurt, ”The treatment of a spinal cord tumor, the most appropriate treatment for the patient is determined after the type, size and location of the tumor has been determined. In general, surgical methods are used, but chemotherapy and radiotherapy are also used in addition to surgical methods and depending on the situation.

The sole purpose of surgery is to completely remove the tumor without causing any paralysis to the patient without damaging the spinal cord, and to re-strengthen the spine if the spine’s structure or balance has been compromised. While these surgeries are risky, our patients’ surgeries are more successful with neuromonitor technology, which allows us to monitor spinal cord function immediately.

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