Be careful when using pesticides: they pose a life-threatening risk to animals.

Specialist vet Arslan pointed out that there was an increase in spraying activity following the warm weather and stressed that extreme caution should be exercised during and after these applications. Arslan said: “With the increase in pesticide activities, one of the topics that people wonder about is whether cats, dogs, birds, cows, sheep and goats will be affected by pesticides. As with various pesticides, unfortunately pesticides are serious for us both and our animal friends can pose a toxic threat due to their usage sizes.

In particular, those that can be forced into the air uncontrollably and absorbed into the body through the respiratory tract pose a life-threatening threat if not used correctly. Just as we take care to protect human and environmental health while spraying, we also need to take care of the health of our paw friends. It is very important to use the medication consciously. Our paw friends should be removed for a while from the area where pesticides will be applied, and they should be prevented from entering that area. With this type of drug use, we should definitely remove our friends’ food and water containers from the area to be sprayed at home. In cases where there is a possibility of contamination, let’s clean the containers properly and renew the food and water in them,” he said.

“Let’s follow the instructions so we can avoid unintentional health problems”

Emphasizing that dangers can be experienced not only in homes but also in agricultural areas, Aslıhan Merve Arslan said, “Besides our paw friends on the street, cows, bees, sheep and goats are also severely damaged by various toxic substances that can be found in their feeding areas. Unfortunately they already have a difficult life due to the use of this type of product. When using this type of product, let us follow the instructions for use in the label information, so that we can avoid unintentional health problems. During When spraying in agricultural areas, care should be taken that particular the pesticides used do not leave any residue in the soil.

When using pesticides that create residues, the health problems that the agriculturally produced product may cause on the farmland should certainly be assessed by experts. Because the product to be produced on land is not just about human consumption. It will also be directly involved in digestion, especially by domestic or wild birds, livestock and wildlife living in the area. Some of these species form the links of the food chain and are directly affected, while others play a key role in the protection and sustainability of their natural habitats. Please let’s raise awareness by preventing the uncontrolled consumption and unconscious use of such products. The world is ours,” he said.

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