Be careful when you put the meat in the freezer! This mistake is detrimental to your health…

Dr. Instructor Member Ustaoğlu said that much attention should be paid to the amount of meat consumed during the feast and the methods of meat storage and cooking. Dr. Dr. Instructor Member Ustaoğlu emphasized that especially heart, hypertension, kidney and diabetes patients should pay attention to the amount of salt added to meat.

Dr. Instructor Member Ustaoğlu made the following suggestions: “It is better to consume the meat after it has been stored for a day. Water consumption should also be considered to facilitate digestion.

Especially since the holidays coincide with the summer months, 10-12 glasses of water should be consumed daily. Besides meat or meat dishes, desserts are one of the most consumed foods during the holidays. Instead of sorbet desserts, fruit and milk desserts or fruit consumption may be preferable.

Dr. Instructor Member Ustaoğlu shared the following information about cooking methods: “Using the cooking method leads to less loss of nutrients.

While the meat is being cooked on the grill, the distance between the meat and the fire should be adjusted (at least 15-20 cm) to avoid charring. This prevents both the formation of carcinogens and the loss of vitamins. At the same time, very high heat causes the outer surface of the meat to burn and excess water is lost, increasing nutrient loss.

Cooking meat such as kebabs, lamb skewers and chops at a slow and low temperature is better in terms of nutrient loss. Consumption of foods that are a source of vitamin C, such as salad; It contributes to better absorption of iron in meat. Since we mainly eat meat on the first day of vacation, meat and vegetable dishes may be preferable on other days.

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Stating that careful storage of the sacrificial meat prevents food poisoning, it can be kept for several weeks in the freezer (-2C) and longer in the freezer (-18C). Instructor Member Ustaoğlu said:

“Defrosting meat also requires great care, because incorrect defrosting processes cause the growth of pathogenic micro-organisms in foodstuffs. You don’t defrost frozen products at room temperature, on the counter, but especially in the fridge. Thawing processes can also be done in the microwave are applied.” or under cold running water. Defrosted meat must not be re-frozen.”

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