Be careful with using too much sugar

It is known that for a healthy body system it is necessary to pay attention to the food and drinks consumed during the day. In particular, excessive consumption of sugar has many negative effects on health.

Specialist dietician İrem Akpolat stated that excessive sugar consumption increases the risk of a heart attack, as well as the rate at which many health problems occur.

Akpolat said that the excessive consumption of unnatural sugar is widespread in adulthood, from childhood, Akpolat said: “Especially obesity; It can cause many conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, depression and sleep disorders. To prevent these diseases, which also lead to life-threatening diseases, unnatural sugars and foods with added sugars should be avoided.

Akpolat stated that unhealthy and uncontrolled sugar consumption causes many health problems, from oral and dental health to heart disease, saying, “According to figures published by the American Heart Association, the daily amount of sugar that can be ingested is 35 grams (150 calories) .) for men and 20 grams (100 calories) for women.calories).The body cannot tolerate more than the recommended amounts, and it accumulates over time, causing many health problems.Sugar, which has no vitamins or minerals contains, has no nutritional value and is called “empty calories” endangers oral and dental health. Because it is an easily digestible source of energy for bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria in the mouth feed and multiply and cause tooth decay. Insulin, one of the most important hormones in our body, helps regulate blood sugar.Insulin resistance means that sugar in the blood cannot enter the cell and be used. Many studies show that sugar consumption leads to insulin resistance. The risk of metabolic syndrome, obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease increases in people with insulin resistance. Sugar accumulates in the body and causes some diseases. Excessive sugar or sugary food consumption causes an increase in fat in the liver. Fat in the liver due to excessive consumption of sugar can lead to vascular occlusion by causing an increase in LDL, known as bad cholesterol, and fat particles called triglycerides in the blood. The increase in these particles in the veins increases the risk of a heart attack.

Pointing out that sugar can be addictive in humans, Akpolat said, “Sugar triggers the secretion of the hormone serotonin, known as the ‘happiness hormone’. For this reason, its pleasurable function can cause addiction in humans. White sugar and sugary foods are becoming more consumed because they stimulate the reward mechanism in the brain more than natural foods.An excess of sugar can also lead to attention deficit, concentration disorder, low memory capacity and learning delay.

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