Beko 20915 P Portable Air Conditioner Features and Reviews

Beko 20915 P helps to cool down in the hot summer months and is suitable for both home and office. This product, which can quickly cool the environment, can also be used for heating in winter. Beko 20915 P quickly changes the temperature of the environment it is in while absorbing excess moisture, creating a more comfortable environment. Beko 20915 P, one of the best portable air conditioners, gets full marks from its users for its portability.

Beko 20915 P, which impresses with its many functions and attracts the attention of those who want to buy portable air conditioners, ensures homogeneous heat distribution thanks to the two-way air regulation. Based on all this, our content includes a detailed review of the Beko 20915 P.

Beko 20915P Technical specifications

Cooling capacity 9000 BTUs
Heating capacity 88000 BTUs
Power consumption cooling 0.996kW
Power consumption heating 8320W
Energy class A++

Review of the Beko 20915 P portable air conditioner

The Beko 20915 P is suitable for use in homes and offices and can be easily used anywhere thanks to its portable function. Thanks to the two-way automatic air regulation, the Beko 20915 P helps to distribute the heat evenly throughout the environment and is easy to use thanks to the LED indicators. In addition, this product not only changes the temperature of the environment, but also creates a more comfortable room by removing excess moisture.

This product, which has a multi-programming function, can be used at night thanks to the sleep mode. Beko 20915 P portable air conditioner, which is also admired for its ability to keep the temperature of the environment constant, protect itself when there is a power failure and pick up where it left off when the energy returns.

Beko 20915 P portable air conditioner design

The Beko 20915 P portable air conditioner stands out for its compact design and can be easily carried thanks to the protrusions on the sides. The fact that the product is portable allows you to use it in different rooms as you wish. This product, which gives off even heat thanks to the airflow that moves in two directions, also offers ease of use thanks to the touch screen. In addition, this product, which helps you to give commands without getting up, gets full marks from its users thanks to the remote control. Due to its white color, this product, which easily adapts to any style, can be used even in the smallest spaces.

Beko 20915 P Dimensions

Width: 430mm
Height: 645mm
Depth: 325mm
Weight: 30kg

Beko 20915 P Portable Air Conditioner Performance

The Beko 20915 P, which is not disturbing due to its low noise level, has energy class A++. This portable air conditioner, which makes the environment icy with its 9000 BTU cooling capacity, offers a warm environment in the winter months with its 88000 heating capacity. This product, which helps you smile on bills thanks to its energy efficiency, provides the desired temperature with its multi-programming system. In addition, this product, which adjusts the body temperature that should be sleeping, thanks to the sleep mode, is also a savior thanks to rapid heating and rapid cooling.

The product, which has a 24-hour programming function, automatically operates in the desired time zone. In addition to all these, this product, which provides a more comfortable air by absorbing the excess moisture in the environment, maintains a healthy environment by removing the particles in the air thanks to its ionizer filter. In addition, the Beko 20915 P, which protects itself in the event of a power failure, continues where it left off in a controlled manner when the power is restored.

Beko 20915 P

Beko 20915 P Portable Air Conditioner Filter Features

Beko 20915 P has filters that improve the air quality of the environment. Thanks to the ionizer filter, the portable air conditioner, which absorbs the particles and dirt in the air, helps to make the environment healthier and more spacious. In this way, this product, which provides both the desired temperature and fresh air, receives the full appreciation of its users.

Beko 20915 P Electricity consumption and influence area

The Beko 20915 P offers savings on electricity bills thanks to its low power consumption and also attracts attention with its environmental friendliness. This product, which attracts attention with its 88000 BTU heating capacity and its 9000 BTU cooling capacity, makes its users smile with its A++ energy rating. Although the Beko 20915 P portable air conditioner gives off effective heat depending on the size of the room and the condition of the insulation, it is generally suitable for medium or small rooms. Beko 20915 P Portable Air Conditioner easily cools a room of 20 to 25 square meters.

Beko 20915 P

Beko 20915 P Portable Air Conditioner Box Contents

Beko 20915 P Portable Air Conditioner including remote control, remote control batteries, user manual, warranty certificate and window kit. In this way, you can install and use the product comfortably by carefully reading the installation in the user manual.

Beko 20915 P reviews

👤 The product was great, my room got over 30 degrees in the summer and it was uninhabitable from noon to almost 7pm. Since the house was rented, it was impossible for me to break through the wall and buy a split air conditioner, and the prices are too high. That’s why I’m glad I chose this product. H***** A****

👤 When you start the device it really makes a difference, it starts to become livable within 15 minutes. HORSE****

👤 Cooling is good enough. Noisy to use in bedroom but can be used in living room. Ideal if you can’t install a split air conditioner in your room and are at your wits end. This is another model of air conditioner. M**** C****

👤 It cools down the room quickly, a tool I can’t give up in the summer. Good thing we got it. D**** F***

👤 The product is convenient, if you stick the pipe out properly, the performance is even better. F*** M***

👤 We bought it for work use, it provides cool environment in summer and warm environment in winter. We are very satisfied. For home use, I don’t know how. A bit noisy. S***D****

👤 I didn’t want to buy a wall air conditioner because I am a tenant because it would be very difficult for me to move. This air conditioner makes some noise, but it works. TO EAT***

👤 It’s nice to have airflow from above, there’s no disturbing air when you’re sitting in front of it, so you don’t have a headache. D**** U***

👤 It cools very well, I am satisfied. S***** A***

👤 I requested a return because within 3 weeks it was blowing dust and a burnt plastic smell when it was in rest mode. They sent a new product. Unfortunately the room is the same… dust and smell together.. The noise is very disturbing. good cooling… D**** K****

Where should the Beko portable air conditioner duct be installed?

The pipe of the portable air conditioner, which helps to dissipate the condenser air in the air conditioner, should be installed so that one end is inside the air conditioner and the other end is inside the glass, in any area.

Beko air conditioner is a by-product of which brand?

Beko was separated from Koç Holding in 2000 and was produced as a sub-brand under the Arçelik umbrella.

How to set the temperature of the Beko portable air conditioner?

To adjust the temperature of your air conditioner, first start the product by pressing the on/off button. Then press the sun icon and easily adjust the desired temperature setting with the plus and minus buttons.

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