Beko 21215 P Portable Air Conditioner Features and Reviews

Cooling in summer and warming in winter, Beko 21215 P is preferred by many people due to its mobility. This product, which spreads the heat evenly to the surroundings thanks to its two-way air outlet, creates satisfaction with its performance. This portable air conditioner, which also has a multi-programming function, helps you sleep comfortably thanks to the sleep mode. This product, which gets full marks from its users for its energy savings, is one of the best portable air conditioners.

This drink, which we prepared based on all of them, contains a detailed review for those who are considering buying a Beko 21215 P portable air conditioner. This article where you can find every detail about the product reveals how the product looks in the user experience with real user comments. When you’re ready, let’s take a closer look at the Beko 21215 P portable air conditioner.

Beko 21215 P Technical specifications

Cooling capacity 11400 BTUs
Heating capacity 100000 BTUs
Volume 52dB
Cooling capacity: 0996 kW
Power consumption heating 10700
Energy class: A++

Beko 21215 P portable air conditioner review

Beko 21215 P, which can be used to cool down in the summer months and to warm up in the bird months, creates a comfortable space in all weather conditions. The portable air conditioner, which can be easily carried around due to its portability and thus can be used at home or in the office, provides a more comfortable living space. Thanks to the remote control, this portable air conditioner allows you to give commands without getting up, and thanks to the automatic timing function, you can predetermine whether the air conditioner is hungry or turned off. In addition, this portable air conditioner, which provides the environment your body needs while sleeping, helps you sleep more comfortably thanks to the sleep mode. This product, which attracts attention with its dehumidification function, creates a comfortable space by balancing the humidity in the environment.

Beko 21215 P portable air conditioner design

Beko 21215 P in white is appreciated for its compact design and user-friendly functions. This product, which has a handle for easy carrying, helps us to move it practically thanks to its light structure. The mobile air conditioner, which gives the air outlet from above, does not disturb, even if you are sitting in front of it. This product, which offers practical use with its control panel located right next to the air outlet, also offers comfort with its remote control. Beko 21215 P, which does not take up much space because it stands vertically, can be easily used even in the smallest environments.

Beko 21215 P Dimensions

Width: 439mm
Height: 754mm
Depth: 360mm
Weight 30kg

Beko 21215 P Portable Air Conditioner Performance

Beko 21215 P

The Beko 21215 P stands out for its strong performance and does not cost much on the electricity bill, as it is included in the A+ energy result. This product, which has a cooling capacity of 11400 BTU, provides a warm environment in winter with its 100000 BTU heating capacity. This portable air conditioner works with a voltage of 220-240 volts and consumes 10700 W of energy for heating.

This portable air conditioner provides the environment you need with its multi-programming technology and also provides a comfortable sleeping experience at night with its sleep mode. This product, which distributes the heat evenly throughout the room thanks to the 2-way air regulation, helps you breathe comfortably thanks to the dehumidification technology. In addition, thanks to its smart control system, this portable air conditioner, which you can pre-manage by adjusting the desired time zone, offers easy use with its LED indicator.

Finally, this product, which impresses with its air cleaning function, offers both a comfortable and healthy environment. This product, which is a bit noisy with a noise level of 52 dB, may cause discomfort when used by people who are sensitive to sound.

Beko 21215 P filter functions

Beko 21215 P provides clean and healthy air thanks to the special ionizer filters it contains. This product, which captures dust, pollen and other particles in the air, absorbs bad odors thanks to its filter and provides a fresh air flow. In this way, filters improve indoor air quality and help you breathe in a healthier environment. In addition, the filters are easy to clean and replace, so that the efficiency and air quality of the air conditioner will always be high, as well as a long service life.

Beko 21215 P

Beko 21215 P Electricity consumption and influence area

The Beko 21215 P, which gets full marks from its users in terms of electricity consumption because it falls into energy class A++, works with 220-240 volts. In addition, the portable air conditioner, which can be turned on and off at any time thanks to the battery-powered timing function, helps you consume more energy and allows you to be sensitive to nature.

The effect of Beko 21215 P may vary depending on the size and insulation of the room. This portable air conditioner, which generally gives effective results in medium-sized rooms, provides effective cooling in a room of about 20-25 square meters. These effects can also vary depending on factors such as the insulation status of the room and the outside temperature.

Beko 21215 P portable air conditioner reviews

👤 The product is really good. We used it for about 4 days. The area we use is a 45 square meter 1+1 apartment. If we set it to 22-23 degrees (we haven’t tried lower degrees), it will lower the house to the set temperature within 15 minutes and keep it stable. The main point is the container that you will place in the drain that releases the moisture as water into the air. ME****

👤 Both heating and cooling are going great. S**** A***

👤 The product is very good, it has a tube on the back. E **** D ***

👤 The cooling of the product is nice, but the sound is very unfortunate. C**** Z*****

👤 It is not an air conditioner replacement, but we bought it because we had to. see our work. We have an office of 30-35 square meters. It relaxes because it absorbs the moisture inside. but after a few hours you notice the effect. Or someone coming in from the outside says the inside is good. We are happy at the moment. The only problem is the ventilation pipe in the back area, which you have to move outside. otherwise it won’t work. It blows hot air like a hair dryer. B***** F****

👤 Watch the receptacle. The first day it was installed, the humidity was high and it filled a 1 liter plastic bottle in 2-3 hours. Then we used a 5 liter plastic bottle and when the air is normal, it doesn’t even fill half. In short, it is useful to check from time to time during the day whether this bottle is full. He saw our work in every aspect. S*** S***

👤 Product good. The seller’s service is good. I think it is an ideal product for those who cannot install a normal air conditioner in their building. Y****S****

👤 The operation of the air conditioning, etc. is pleasant but noisy. So it will be difficult to use for those who can’t get to the sound. A**** F****

👤 We chose it for the store. We use it in summer and winter, it did the job for us. IN****

How to use the Beko 21215 P?

The Beko 21215 P, which is very easy to use, can be installed without maintenance according to the instructions in the user manual. After you have performed the installation according to the manual, you can set the desired temperature from the remote control or from the panel above. This portable air conditioner, which you can easily understand because it is supported by visuals, adjusts the temperature with the plus and minus buttons.

Beko air conditioner is a by-product of which brand?

Beko is a sub-brand produced under the umbrella of the Arçelik brand. For this reason, beko air conditioners are produced under the umbrella of Arçelik.

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