Belgium with 10 strangers

10 interesting facts about Belgium in the heart of Europe…

Belgians speak Dutch, French and German. There is no such language as Belgian. The western part speaks Dutch, the eastern part speaks French and the part bordering Germany speaks German. Brussels is located at the intersection of all these three separate parts. Therefore, these three languages ​​are spoken simultaneously in Brussels. Even the metro stations in Brussels consist of stops divided into three parts. The stations divide the city into three separate parts. There are trips to three separate sections that speak different languages. Very, very interesting. The northern part of Brussels is a place with a Turkish majority. French is the dominant language here. Each region shows the languages ​​that belong together as a compulsory subject in schools. A pupil in Belgium who goes to school uninterruptedly up to the age of 14 can speak 4 different languages ​​perfectly.
Another interesting piece of information. Mixed race Belgium has the 2nd tallest males in Europe. The management is from the Netherlands. To put it proportionally, the average height of men in the Netherlands is 182.5 cm. In Belgium this ratio is 181.7 cm. The general majority is white.
Tomorrowland, Rock Werchter, I love Techno, Boombal Festival and Dour Festival are legendary music festivals that take place in Belgium and that young people all over the world love to attend. In addition to all these music festivals, many different festivals are also held in Belgium. Bruges – Beer Festival, Ghent – ​​​​Light Festival, Brussels Tulip Festival (every August) are some of them. In addition, Belgium is very assertive in Europe with the Christmas markets that are organized every year during the Christmas period.
The reason for this are 3 different parts of the city. The Walloon, Flemish and German parts speak the cities in their own language. For example; Brussels, Brussels or Brussels; Bruges (Brüge), Dutch Bruges, German Bruges, French Bruges; Antwerp (Antwerp) may appear as Antwerp, Antwerp, or Antwerp.
Welcome to the series of interesting information! There are many films set in Belgium. The most famous of these is ‘In Bruges’ with Colin Farrel in the lead role. It does not provide much information about the city of Bruges, but does not hesitate to present the city to you as a visual feast. Famous Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn and action star Jean Claude van Damme are also two famous names who were born in Belgium. Rumor has it that Ludwig van Beethoven’s family is Belgian. According to another myth, after Beethoven’s death, Beethoven wanted his works to be brought to Liège. Finally, the last part of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables, the famous work of world literary history, was completed in the city of Ghent. The reason was that Hugo was sent as an exile to this city.
Yes, there are 17 UNESCO heritage sites in Belgium. The most striking is the city of Bruges. Almost the entire city is under UNESCO protection. UNESCO imposes heavy sanctions on people who want to own a house here. You cannot buy a house in Bruges if you do not report every detail from A to Z to UNESCO. The rules that apply throughout the country in Belgium, work differently in Bruges. This city has a color, a discipline and a different living system. Good that there is.
Being a homeowner in Belgium is not very challenging. There are also several conveniences for owning a vehicle. The technology is also relatively cheap. But when it comes to day-to-day business, there is no cost involved. When you are sick, you can almost spend a salary to go to the doctor. If you want to go to the dentist, the 150 € in your pocket is no longer yours. Moving a house can cost as much as a house. Buying new items is also a very serious cost and tax issue. If you dispose of recyclable materials with other waste, you will be punished very severely.
The chocolate is definitely very good from Switzerland and Germany. Fancy waffles? Such a taste does not exist! It’s incredible that they can capture this flavor with just the dough, powdered sugar, and maple syrup. If you are a French fries lover, Belgium is like an emergency call for help. 10 different types of potatoes are grown for chips. Finally, I think they are catching up with Germany badly on beer. And they have a famous saying: “In Belgium you can drink a different beer every day for 4 years, but you can never taste the same thing twice.”
Belgium is the most preferred center for Erasmus student exchange programs in Europe. Every year thousands of students come from China, Korea, South Africa and all European countries. Young people are eager to study in Belgium with Belgium’s recent opportunities for innovations in education, the fact that it has been involved in many scientific studies in the international arena, and its diversity in education policy. Finally, the cheapest air transport in Europe is in Belgium.
Public transport is very common in Belgium. Antwerp has 68 km of tram lines. It is possible to visit the whole country for 5 euros without ever getting off the train. However, the country generally consists of flat areas. So very suitable for cycling. The altitude in the country is 694 meters. For all these reasons, people from all walks of life prefer cycling. Both nature and economical bicycles are a lifeline in this country. Source: Brandlifemag

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