Benefits and harms of chocolate, source of happiness

History of chocolate

The history of chocolate goes back to ancient times. Exactly 4000 years ago it was used by the Mayas and Aztecs to make a drink that was drunk on special occasions. Cocoa, cornmeal and hot pepper were used in this drink. Chocolate began to make its name known with transportation from Christopher Columbus to Europe during geographic discoveries.

Cocoa, which was consumed bitterly as a drink in the early days, started to take on a different taste in the 18th century when the British added milk to it. Spreading to Europe and then the world through geographic discoveries, chocolate began to be produced in many different varieties; It has become one of the products that everyone, old, young, male and female, does not stop consuming.

What are the benefits of chocolate?

No one can easily say no to a slice of chocolate. With its unique smell and aroma, chocolate is a food produced by combining different flavors around the world. Of course, one of the things that we should not forget when consuming chocolate is that a little bit is a decision and most of it is harmful. So what are the benefits of chocolate for us? Here are the health benefits of chocolate;

1. Heart-friendly

Advantages and disadvantages of chocolate

The polyphenols and flavonoids in chocolate play a role in lowering blood pressure. While vascular health is protected by falling blood pressure, clotting and arteriosclerosis are prevented. In this way, chocolate makes a major contribution to cardiovascular health.

2. Lowers cholesterol

Advantages and disadvantages of chocolate

Polyphenols and theobromine in chocolate have a lowering effect on bad cholesterol. These substances also increase good cholesterol. Along with lowering cholesterol, vascular health is also maintained.

3. Balances blood sugar levels

Advantages and disadvantages of chocolate

One of the benefits of dark chocolate in particular is that it balances blood sugar levels. It is a very effective food in correcting blood sugar levels as it slowly raises blood sugar levels. Those with sugar problems should prefer dark chocolate instead of classic chocolate.

4. Good for mental health

Advantages and disadvantages of chocolate

As we said before, since chocolate secretes the happiness hormone, we are content with a piece of it. Eating chocolate can cause endorphins to be released. This hormone makes the person feel happier and better. You can keep your mental health strong by eating a piece of chocolate during the day.

5. Lowers blood pressure

Advantages and disadvantages of chocolate

Research has shown that chocolate is effective in lowering blood pressure. Dark chocolate in particular has a blood pressure lowering effect. People with high blood pressure are recommended to eat a piece of chocolate.

6. Gives energy

Advantages and disadvantages of chocolate

Eating chocolate is much more beneficial than drinking coffee because chocolate contains much less caffeine than coffee. Nevertheless, it gives at least as much energy as caffeine.

What are the disadvantages of chocolate?

Chocolate has both advantages and disadvantages. Experts warn that chocolate’s harm to health is due to its high consumption. It is said that those who eat dark chocolate every day should not eat more than 50-60 grams, and other chocolates should not exceed 30 grams.

Here are the disadvantages of chocolate for our body;

1. Weakens bones

Advantages and disadvantages of chocolate

Studies have shown that eating too much chocolate has negative effects on bones. Chocolate, which weakens the bones, can cause bone fractures and cracks. It is especially important for women who experience osteoporosis during menopause to pay attention to this.

2. Causes you to gain excess weight

Advantages and disadvantages of chocolate

Everyone knows that chocolate is a high-calorie food. Eating too much chocolate makes us gain weight due to the fats it contains. For this reason, those who watch their shape should try to avoid excess chocolate.

3. Can cause cellulite

Advantages and disadvantages of chocolate

Eating too much chocolate means getting too much fat. This is one of the main causes of cellulite. Fat deposits cause cellulite and negatively affect the appearance of the legs.

4. Can rot teeth

Advantages and disadvantages of chocolate

Consuming a lot of chocolate means you are consuming too much sugar. Sugar is one of the foods that cause tooth decay. Eating too much chocolate can quickly cause tooth decay. This is especially important in children.

5. Addictive

Advantages and disadvantages of chocolate

Theobromine and caffeine in chocolate are addictive substances. These substances, which stimulate the nervous system, cause addiction and make you constantly eat chocolate. In this case, the person eats too much chocolate without realizing it and experiences the disadvantages of chocolate.

Which chocolate is cheaper?

From a health point of view, dark chocolate is the most beneficial chocolate. Because the cocoa ratio in dark chocolate is much higher than in other chocolates. Cocoa contributes a lot to the health of the body with its nutritious components, but it is important not to consume too much chocolate, even if it is dark.

What happens if we eat chocolate every day?

Eating too much chocolate every day can cause you to gain weight, cause cellulite, cause cardiovascular problems, increase blood sugar and cause addiction. For this reason, chocolate consumption should not be exaggerated. Even if it wants to be eaten every day, it can be consumed in small quantities, if possible it is necessary to prefer dark chocolate.

Which chocolate gives happiness?

Thanks to the cocoa content in all chocolates, it ensures the secretion of endorphins, one of the happiness hormones. This hormone makes the person feel good and contributes to the improvement of mental health. This effect of dark chocolate is greater because the cocoa content is much higher.

Is 1 chocolate a day harmful?

If you have no health or weight problems, you can consume only 100 grams of chocolate per day. When you exceed this amount, excessive consumption of chocolate can lead to various health problems. It is healthier to give preference to chocolates with a high cocoa content.

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