Benefits Of Centaury Oil For The Skin – Health News

St. John’s wort flowers are collected, processed and combined with olive oil to obtain St. John’s wort oil.

This oil is mainly used for quick healing of scars. It also attracts attention with its bioflavonoids, organic acids, St. John’s wort oil, which is rich in antioxidants, hypericin and hyperforin.

Centaury oil, which is one of the most preferred vegetable oil choices of late, is also preferred for its serious skin benefits. When using the oil, which will support many renewals and a healthy appearance in the skin care process, it is enough to apply just a few drops to your skin. This procedure, which you perform in the evening before going to bed, will allow you to see the difference in your skin care in a short time.

Effective against acne and scars: Centaury oil helps clear acne thanks to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. St. John’s wort oil, caused by the hyperforin it contains, has an antibacterial effect. This means that it prevents bacteria from living and prevents their reproduction.

Cell renewal: Centaury oil, which supports the cell renewal of the skin, also clears inflammation in the skin. The product, which cleans the pores, also moisturizes your skin and ensures a silky smooth skin.

Stain Remover: It is recommended to use centaury oil regularly, which is effective in removing natural blemishes on the skin and even out skin tone.

Wound and Burn Treatment: Effective in the treatment of burns and wounds, the oil supports moisturizing the area while supporting the skin’s self-renewal. After the oil is applied to the skin, the pain in the area will also be relieved. It helps in the rapid healing of infections, acne and inflammation on the skin, athlete’s foot and herpes in various parts of the body.

Depending on which part of the skin the oil is applied to and the width of the area of ​​​​application, you can adjust and apply the necessary St. John’s wort oil.

To take advantage of the positive effects of centaury oil on the skin, you can wait for your skin to absorb it after applying the oil directly to your skin. If there is an unpleasant greasy feeling on your skin, you can rinse it off after a waiting period of at least half an hour.

You can apply it twice a day, morning and evening. Prefer moments when you are not directly in the sun. Spread 2-3 drops of St. John’s wort oil on a piece of cotton using gentle and circular motions.

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