Berry Lip Trend | Benefits and application

In recent years, lip makeup has become an important part of fashion and many trends have emerged. Among these trends, “Berry Colored Lip Trend” has become very popular especially recently. Berry lips create a stylish look by adapting to any skin tone, thanks to their natural tones and rich pigments. It is also known that this trend, unlike other colors, brings many benefits to women.

What is the Berry Colored Lip Trend?

The berry lip trend is one of the hottest makeup trends of recent years. Berry is a lip color trend inspired by dark fruit notes like blueberry, raspberry, cherry and the like. This trend is a color palette that is widely used in the fashion world, especially in the fall and winter months.

The berry lip trend is very popular among women as it is an ideal option to define the lips and complete the makeup. In addition, choosing darker shades as a lip color makes thin lips appear fuller, as well as whiter teeth. This helps makeup look more impressive.

Berry colored lips offer many different tones and undertones. For example, berry shades based on purple are more suitable for women with cool undertones, while berry shades based on red or brown may be a better option for women with warm undertones. Moreover, berry-colored lips suit every skin tone, so every woman can try this trend.

Another benefit of the berry lip trend is that it goes with any outfit. Berry tones go well with many colors and patterns such as black, white, gray and denim. Therefore, it can be a suitable option for any style or fashion style.

Tips for using the Berry Colored Lip Trend

Berry lip trend

Berry colored lips are an excellent option to give a distinctive and eye-catching look. However, if not used correctly, they can cause problems such as roughness or splitting of the lips. So you may need some tips on how to put your berry colored lips to good use.

Prepare your lips

Before applying the berry colored lip trend, it is important to prep your lips. Use a lip balm or moisturizer to moisturize your lips. This will make the lips look smoother and more even in color.

Choose the right lipstick shade

Berry colored lips offer many color options. However, not every shade is suitable for every skin tone. More shades based on purple may be more suitable for women with cool undertones, and more shades based on red or brown for women with warm undertones. Choosing a lipstick that matches your skin tone can help you look better by bringing out the natural shade of your lips.

Use lip liner

Lip liner helps lips look more defined and smooth. For berry-colored lips, it’s important to match your lip pencil with your lipstick color. Line your lips with lip liner and then paint your lips with your lipstick.

Make your berry colored lips glamorous

To make berry-colored lips more expressive, you can apply some illuminator or a glossy lip gloss in the center of your lips. This will make your lips look fuller and brighter.

Align with other parts of your makeup

It is important to harmonize the rest of your makeup with berry colored lips. Choosing the right color, especially for eye makeup, will make your berry colored lips look more striking and remarkable.

Berry Colored Lip Trend Benefits

Berry lip trend

The berry color lip trend has many advantages such as a striking and distinctive look on the lips, different tonal options and being compatible with every skin tone. In addition, it is easy to combine with other make-up products and it is an option that can be used in all seasons.

A striking and distinctive appearance

Berry colored lips help you stand out in your makeup by giving a striking and distinctive look. The biggest advantage of this trend is that it glamorously accentuates the lips.

Different tone options

Berry colored lips can appeal to everyone’s taste by offering different tonal options. You can create your own style by choosing from shades such as purple, red, pink, brown.

Compatible with any skin tone

Berry colored lips are an option that will suit any skin tone. By choosing the right tone, you can make your skin tone look more vibrant and bright.

Make lips look fuller

Berry colored lips make the lips look fuller and give you a more youthful and attractive appearance. Therefore, it is a trend favored by people with thin lips.

Combination options

Berry-colored lips can be combined well with other make-up products. With the right selection of eye shadow and blush, you can achieve a more harmonious and balanced look.

Can be used in all seasons

Berry colored lips are an option that can be used in all seasons. While you may prefer darker shades in the cold winter months, you can get a fresh and vibrant look by using lighter shades on hot summer days.

Wide range of products

Berry colored lips come with many product options produced by different brands. You can choose the most suitable for your own lips by choosing from products with different textures, such as matte lipsticks, glossy lipsticks, liquid lipsticks.

Care and protection of berry colored lips

Berry lip trend

While berry colored lips create a very classy look in makeup, it is also important to take good care of the lips. In order for your lips to stay healthy and your makeup to last longer, you should pay attention to some tips on how to care and protect Berry colored lips.

Use Lip Moisturizer

Berry-colored lips can make the dryness and cracking of the lips more prominent. To maintain the moisture balance of your lips, it is therefore advisable to use a moisturizing lip balm or oil. This way your lips stay soft and healthy.


It is normal for lips to flake naturally, but it can become more pronounced, especially during the winter months. Therefore, it is recommended to exfoliate regularly to remove dead cells from your lips. You can use natural peeling recipes or ready-made products.

Choose your berry-colored lipstick correctly

While berry-colored lips suit every skin tone, it’s important to choose the right shade. If you want your lipstick to be permanent, it is also recommended to choose matte lipsticks. Matte lipsticks are more durable than other types and last longer.

Use Makeup Remover

Berry lips are more difficult to clean than other colors. Therefore, when removing your makeup, make sure you cleanse your lips properly. You can use a special lip cleanser or a gentle makeup remover to remove makeup residue without irritating your lips.

Use sunscreen

The lips are more sensitive than other parts of the skin and more susceptible to the damaging effects of the sun. Therefore, it is recommended to use a lip balm with SPF in cases where your lips are exposed to the sun. This way your lips are protected against the harmful effects of the sun.

Who are berry colored lips suitable for?

Berry lips are a color suitable for almost every skin tone. It also creates a very classy look, especially on women with medium and dark skin tones.

How to apply berry colored lip lipsticks?

Berry lipsticks can be applied with a lip liner that matches the natural shade of your lips. Lip liner ensures that your lipstick stays on your lips longer. Apply your lipstick to the lip lines you drew with your pencil and apply to cover your entire lips.

How long do berry colored lipsticks last?

Berry lipsticks can usually last between 4 and 6 hours if you choose a quality product. However, if you regularly eat or drink or wipe your lips, the shelf life may be shortened.

How to care for berry colored lipsticks?

Berry lipsticks require maintenance like any other lipstick. Moisturizing your lips before applying your lipstick can help ensure that your lipstick goes on smoother and more evenly. After removing your lipstick, you can prevent dryness and cracking by nourishing your lips with a moisturizing product.

How can berry lipsticks be combined with other colors?

Berry-colored lip lipsticks can also be combined well with other colors. It is especially compatible with nude and light headlights. If you want to accentuate your eyes, you can also combine them with black or dark eye shadows. However, it is recommended to avoid highlighting your eyes and lips at the same time.

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