Best all-in-one Printer for Small Business

HP LaserJet Tank, which comes with a ready-to-use toner that prints up to 5000 pages, can be used comfortably for a long time without the need to replace the toner. With replacement toner refill kits, which are offered at much more affordable prices than conventional toners, you can easily refill the toner in just 15 seconds when it runs out, and you can continue working without interruption. With ease of use and cost-effective toner, the HP LaserJet tank printer series, which can save small offices both time and money, seems to make small businesses very comfortable when printing.

Whether you’re looking for a fast-running, high-quality printer that simultaneously lowers printing costs for your business, or a compact printer that can do all the printing work from your home office, the HP LaserJet tank printer series will meet all your needs at the highest level. HP LaserJet Tank Printers offer cartridge-less toner tank laser printing technology and help small and micro businesses and entrepreneurs, enabling them to print quickly and sustainably at an affordable cost.

For business owners of all sizes, getting advisory support along with product technical features and partnering with brands they can trust are top priorities. Currently, HP continues to assist institutions in Turkey with its broad product portfolio and invests in technologies that allow institutions that work to grow to save both time and costs.

Up to 5000 pages at an affordable cost

One of the first technology pioneers that comes to mind when it comes to printers, HP’s LaserJet Tank Printer series is distinguished by increasing efficiency and lower costs. Models in the series come with Original HP toner prefilled in the tank to print up to 5,000 pages in black and white. When the toner runs out, the Original HP Toner Refill Kit, which allows to print 2,500 or 5,000 pages, can be purchased at a much more affordable price and can be easily refilled into the toner tank by the user.

The benefits that the printer offers to businesses are not limited to these. The HP LaserJet tank printer series enables small businesses to print with multifunction print-scan-copy features, fast two-sided printing, 50,000-page imaging drum, HP Wolf Essential security protection, HP Smart app, ultra-low cost per page and legendary HP LaserJet quality It also supports them to work more efficiently in their based work.

With the Lazerjet Tank Printer Series, you can print more economically and efficiently without compromising HP’s laser print quality. The LaserJet Tank series meets the productivity expectations of businesses requiring mono and black printing with its ease of use, cost benefits and easy renewable features. When the toner runs out, the toner cartridge does not need to be replaced. With the Original HP Toner Refill Kit, which is available on the market at a much lower price than conventional toner cartridges, refilling the tank can be done easily without applying toner or toner spread even in the user’s hand.

Easy printing with your smartphone

In addition to all these advantages, these printers can also be used with the HP Smart App. Thus, users can also perform print scan operations via their smartphone. By downloading your HP Smart application to your phone, you can print anywhere.

Waste savings of up to 90 percent

HP Global focuses on the idea of ​​”A Better World for All of Us” in all regions, including Turkey, and publishes a sustainability report every year, explaining its work and goals. HP announces in its latest report that it aims to achieve net zero CO2 emissions across the entire value chain by 2040, and aims to become one of the most sustainable technology companies in the world. The HP LaserJet tank printer is also an Energy Star certified printer, worthy of inclusion in the Epeat Silver list, and stands out as a product well positioned towards sustainability goals. In addition to the automatic double-sided printing feature and the durable imaging drum, it also features a 17 percent smaller tank design. In addition, the HP Toner Refill Kit used in the printer saves up to 90 percent of waste.

Both fast and safe

As the number of technology products in use today increases and with mobility, the issue of end-to-end security has come to the fore and the boundaries of security have been pushed. At this point, creating a security ecosystem is a necessity become. Today, passwords, photos, scans and prints can be protected from others with HP Wolf Essential Security. Because your printer’s firmware is always updated to the latest version, it’s possible to stay one step ahead of new malware with end-to-end security. With the HP LaserJet Tank Printer, with HP Wolf Essential security protection, users are protected against any attack that enters their network through the printer, whether they are in the office or at home.

up to 3 years warranty

Finally, you can extend the warranty period of your device to 3 years when you register your HP LaserJet Tank Printer, which comes with a standard warranty period of 2 years, after purchase at

To make your work more efficient and save money on your prints with the HP LaserJet tank printer, you can get detailed information about the product on the HP LaserJet Tank website and place an order directly if you want.

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