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Firuz Bağlıkaya, president of the Association of Travel Agencies of Turkey (TÜRSAB), stated that with the increase in activity in the tourism season, fake agencies and sales also increased, saying: “To our citizens. digital verification system the one who… travel agenciesI recommend them for shopping.

When shopping on websites, the travel agency association, which we call DDS, has a verification system. If you click there, if he comes to our site and sees the agency’s legal data, that agency is a legal agency.”

Baglikaya stated that despite the earthquake and hesitation, they expect 2023 to be a very good year for the tourism industry.

Bağlıkaya stated that they started 2023 with records and said: “We expect the number of foreign visitors to exceed 50 million this year, excluding our citizens living abroad, whom we call ‘expatriates’. We expect about $44 billion as inflow of foreign exchange. These are only foreign visitors. I keep the income separate from the source.” said.

Bağlıkaya emphasized that Turkey is a mass tourism country and said, “80% of world travelers still travel through tour operators and travel agencies. Because their packages are cheaper and people don’t want to spend time on travel organization.

They find the most suitable data for themselves through search engines and make their purchases. Traveling through travel agencies is not to the detriment of the consumer, but to the consumer’s advantage. As long as we choose the travel agency and tour operators well,” he said.


Baglikaya, who warned citizens about fraudulent agencies and social media fraud events ahead of the upcoming tourist season, said that with the increase in activity in the tourist season, so did fake agencies and sales.

Baglikaya continued:

“I recommend our citizens to shop at travel agencies that have a digital verification system. There is a travel agency union verification system, which we call DDS when we shop on websites. If you click there and see the agency’s legal information, that agency is a legal agency. Selling through social media is not legal. Promotion can be done through social media, but the sale must be made through the website. If selling through social media, the chances of being a legal agency are decreasing .”

Bağlıkaya stated that travel agencies and tour operators are the “bees of tourism” and said, “Bees should be strongly supported. We will bring tourists so that the hotels will be full. If the hotels are not full, neither will the investors be satisfied. , neither the airlines nor foreign currency will come to the country.” said.


Firuz Bağlıkaya said they believe that the earthquake zone will resist tourism and said, “As the earthquake zone recovers, GAP tours will also become obsolete. Tourism is not only an economic activity but also a means of morale and motivation. I believe that the healing property of tourism will be beneficial in earthquake zones. One of the things that needs to be done is to activate the tourism professionals.” he said.

Bağlıkaya said they expect Germany to be the destination with the highest number of foreign visitors in 2023:

“The top 3 ranking will not change anymore. We expect the most foreign visitors from Germany. Russia and England will also follow Germany. The conflict situation in Russia is still ongoing. After many years, Germany took the first place again. I am Russia, Germany I don’t think he can hold the top spot for long.

Turkish Airlines flies from all over the world with a very successful strategy. If the scheduled flights increase, the number of tourists will also increase. There is no region where travel agencies do not set foot, carry brochures or have open stands. We still have a lot of work to do in what we call key markets.

62 million trips have been sold in Germany. 57 million people traveled. We have already brought 6 million foreign visitors from Germany. We still have a lot of work to do.”

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