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Kiss. Dr. Soner Pul provided information on the effects of high blood pressure that can be observed during pregnancy due to May 17 Hypertension Day. Stating, “Even if there is no blood pressure problem prior to pregnancy, it is important to have blood pressure checked during pregnancy and to have regular readings at every hospital checkup,” said Pul, adding that although pregnancy can be delayed in many women proceeds normally, it is an exciting journey that can be dangerous at times.

Saying that high blood pressure, which is seen in one in three adults in Turkey, can cause problems such as heart problems, cerebral hemorrhage and stroke, Op. Dr Soner Pul said: “During routine checkups during pregnancy, doctors identify expectant mothers who may have high blood pressure and try to take some precautions. People with sedentary lifestyle, obesity and rapid weight gain, diabetes, gestational diabetes, nervous and stressful life are risky patients.

Mention that a normal blood pressure should be 120 mmHg and 80 mmHg, Op. Dr Soner Pul continued as follows:

“During pregnancy, blood pressure is usually lower than this value and can drop to 90/60 mmHg. Low blood pressure during pregnancy can cause complaints such as fatigue, blackouts and palpitations in the mother. The lower the blood pressure, the more complaints It can be controlled, usually you don’t need to worry about the baby, but blood pressure readings above 120/80 mmHg are high blood pressure readings and can cause serious problems for the mother and baby, it needs to be monitored and treated appropriately should be started. The blood pressure of the mother before the 20th week or before pregnancy “

Kiss. Dr. Soner Pul noted that the nutrients and oxygen necessary for the baby’s growth in the womb pass from the mother to the baby through the placenta.


Stating, “The problem isn’t just a baby problem,” continued:

“This high blood pressure can also cause seizures in the mother due to cerebral edema and cerebral hemorrhage in epilepsy patients, pulmonary edema, heart failure, kidney failure, edema and retinal hemorrhage. High blood pressure can affect many organs of the expectant mother, and these bad conditions can cause a gradual or cause sudden maternal death due to organ failure.

At each pregnant follow-up, blood pressure should be measured on the right arm in a calm and rested state. Measuring blood pressure is the easiest method to recognize this disease. The diagnosis is made when the reading is twice 140/90 mmHg and above. If the higher course begins to accompany protein leakage, floaters in front of the eyes, blurred vision, headache, severe abdominal pain and shortness of breath, this condition is called “severe preeclampsia” and the patient must be hospitalized. In addition to blood pressure, notching findings in the uterine arteries that feed the uterus on ultrasound, high blood counts in screening tests called triple or quadruple tests, low platelet counts and anemia, elevations in liver and kidney tests, “proteinuria” on urinalysis are many people. “Protein leakage” can also arouse suspicion.


Kiss. Dr. Soner Pul also explained what should be done against hypertension, saying, “If there is high blood pressure during pregnancy, first of all, regular nutrition and quiet walks should be done, living conditions should be arranged in such a way as to avoid stressful environments and excessive fatigue. However, if the blood pressure is not at the desired level, medical treatment should be initiated.In cases where there is no response despite drug treatment, the condition of the mother and baby can be evaluated and the birth can be planned if necessary. definitive treatment for this disease is childbirth.” It is true that it must be followed in tertiary hospitals with a round-the-clock surgery service. Blood pressure is a serious problem during pregnancy, it cannot be neglected. It’s useful to pay attention and measure.”

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