Beware of those traveling to countries where malaria is common.

Provincial Director Dr. Damkacı drew attention to the importance of malaria and informed that if treatment is not started within 24 hours for some types of parasites, it can worsen and lead to death. Dr. Damkacı said: “It is a disease transmitted to humans through the bite of a parasite carried by a mosquito, which can be fatal if not treated in time, and causes fever and chills in seizures. It is usually transmitted to humans through the bite of a parasitic mosquito. Though rare; It can also be passed on to the child by giving blood carrying the malaria parasite to a healthy person, by stabbing or using needles contaminated with parasitic blood, organ transplantation and transfer to the child through the placenta in pregnant women .

“If treatment is not started within 24 hours, it can lead to death”

State that if treatment is not started within 24 hours in some types of parasites that cause the disease, it can worsen and lead to death. Damkacı said: “Symptoms of malaria; seizures in the form of fever, chills, chills, headache, muscle aches and fatigue. Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea may occur. Malaria attacks begin with fever, rise with severe chills, at different intervals depending on the type of parasite, and end with sweating. Anemia and jaundice may develop in cases where diagnosis and treatment are delayed. If the disease is diagnosed early and treated appropriately, patients can make a full recovery. It is very important to complete the treatment, even if the symptoms pass, because the use of the treatment drugs in the correct dose and for the recommended time will prevent recurrence of the disease.

‘Travellers to countries where malaria is common should pay attention’

Noting that there is currently no approved vaccine for the treatment of malaria, director Dr. Damkacı explains how to prevent this: “Personal protection against mosquito bites is the first line of defense in preventing malaria. Personal protection measures such as using mosquito repellent lotions and mats, wearing trousers and long-sleeved clothing after sunset, sleeping in rooms with air conditioning equipment such as air conditioners and fans should be taken when going to malarial areas. Another method of preventing malaria is the use of preventive medicines. “Those who travel to countries where malaria is common can protect themselves by taking drugs that can prevent the disease,” he said.

Director Damkacı stated that malaria drugs for prevention in the country can be obtained free of charge from Travel Health Centers affiliated with the General Directorate of Health of Turkey’s Borders and Coasts.

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