Bianchi RCX 627 frame, rim, tire and brake review

This impressive bike will captivate you with its performance, durability and remarkable features. If you enjoy adventurous rides in nature and dream of crossing roads quickly, the RCX 627 may be the option for you.

Equipped with components such as the Shimano Altus M2000 shifting system, hydraulic disc brakes and solid wheels, this bike wants to give you reliable performance. Let’s take a closer look together at what the Bianchi RCX 627 has to offer.

Bianchi RCX 627 Features

Gear 27
type brake Hydraulic disc brake
Edge 27.5 inches

Bianchi RCX 627 mountain bike

The Bianchi RCX 627 is the perfect option for mountain bike enthusiasts with its exciting features and rugged design. This bike has a durable and lightweight aluminum 1.1/8″ semi-integral frame, so it offers both strength and riding comfort. We’ve looked up all the information about the Bianchi RCX 627 mountain bike for you.

Here are all the details on the Bianchi RCX 627 Mountain Bike;

Features of the Bianchi RCX 627 Mountain Bike

The front of the RCX 627 is fitted with an aluminum 1.1/8″ RL fork. With 100mm travel and handlebar lockout, it offers excellent control even on rough roads. This bike is equipped with Shimano Altus M2000 front and rear derailleurs. smooth shifting U can get transitions and a wide gear range.

The Bianchi RCX 627 is the ideal choice for sporty and adventurous cycling enthusiasts. With its excellent performance, reliable components and solid construction, it is ready to accompany you on any mountain journey. The RCX 627 is a bike designed to take your mountain biking experience to the next level.

Bianchi RCX 627 Mountain bike gear and brake

The Shimano Altus M2000 crankset offers powerful and varied pedaling options with its 40x30x22T gear combination. Thanks to the Shimano HG200 11-34T cassette rear sprocket, you can quickly and easily adapt to different surfaces. The Shimano EF505 3×9 shifter offers excellent control for precise shifting.

For the safety of the RCX 627, the Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brake system is used. These brakes provide sharp and reliable braking performance so you can easily control your speed. Bianchi used Chaoyang 27.5×2.10 tires and dual-ply aluminum wheels on this bike. This combination ensures good handling and durability.

Bianchi RCX627

Bianchi RCX 627 Shock Absorber

The RCX 627 is equipped with a shock absorber system for driving comfort in difficult terrain. This system helps the driver maintain control and stability by absorbing shocks and jolts. This mountain bike has a sturdy construction with an aluminum 1.1/8″ semi-integrated frame and an aluminum 1.1/8″ RL 100 mm lock-out steerer fork.

The shock absorber system includes a fork located specifically below the front wheel and a suspension unit located above the rear wheel. These components increase driving comfort by absorbing shocks when driving on uneven and undulating surfaces. It also improves handling and optimizes the bike’s stability control.

Bianchi RCX 627 Installation

The Bianchi RCX 627 mountain bike is a bike that has been carefully designed for an excellent riding experience. Before starting the installation of the Bianchi RCX 627, it is important to check the components of the bicycle. Make sure that all components such as the frame, fork, gear systems, brakes, tires and wheels are installed correctly. Also check the overall condition of the bike and any damage or defects.

The damping system of the RCX 627 must be adjusted to optimize ride comfort and control. First check the tightness and stiffness of the front and rear shock absorbers. You can adjust these settings to suit your driving preferences and road conditions. Make sure the shock absorbers work and move correctly.

The RCX 627 has a Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brake system. Make sure the brakes work properly and have good stopping power. Check that the brakes are working properly by pressing and releasing the brake levers. Make sure the brake disc is properly aligned and has no wear or damage. Finally, start using your bike by adjusting the saddle.

Bianchi RCX 627 Wheels

Bianchi RCX627

The Bianchi RCX 627 is a mountain bike that stands out for its strong performance and durability. Sturdy and lightweight, the wheels on this bike are designed to enhance your riding experience.

The wheels of the RCX 627 are made of double-layer aluminum. This material is not only light, but also offers high durability. Aluminum wheels reduce the weight of the bike while providing a strong and solid construction. It helps you to drive safely even on difficult mountain roads.

The rims of the Bianchi RCX 627 are used with 27.5 inch tires and usually 2.10 wide. This size and width provide both quick handling and stability on a variety of surfaces. The width of the rims improves the driving comfort of the tires, while also improving traction and stability control.

The wheels of the RCX 627 are of high quality construction and support you in durability. These wheels can withstand shock, vibration and rough terrain conditions. The wheels on this mountain bike are designed to maximize your performance and provide an enjoyable riding experience.

Bianchi RCX 627 Features

Frame material Aluminium
Weight 15kg
Squad length 19 inches – 48 cm
Front Shock Absorber Locked shock absorber

Bianchi RCX 627 Frame

The frame of the RCX 627 has an aluminum 1.1/8″ semi-integrated structure. This material increases the bike’s performance by providing strength and lightness together. The aluminum frame, due to its strong structure, ensures durability even on challenging mountain trails. offers a faster and more agile driving experience by reducing weight.

The frame of the Bianchi RCX 627 has been carefully designed for optimal balance and control. This bike is ergonomically shaped to maximize riding comfort and performance. The geometry of the frame allows you to perform fast maneuvers while providing a comfortable riding position.

The rod of the RCX 627 is combined with high-quality welding. This ensures rigidity, durability and vibration absorption. The frame design allows the bike to transfer its power and energy effectively. This provides better pedaling efficiency and faster acceleration. The staff of the Bianchi RCX 627 is quality built and supports you in reliability and performance.

Bianchi RCX627

Want to buy Bianchi RCX 627?

The Bianchi RCX 627 is a mountain bike that stands out for its powerful performance, solid construction and carefully designed components. Ideal for fast and nimble rides, this bike is arguably the choice of many cyclists.

Bianchi RCX 627 offers high performance with components such as Shimano Altus M2000 gear system, hydraulic disc brakes and solid wheels. This bike performs reliably on fast rides and tough mountain trails. If you’re looking for a performance-oriented driving experience, the Bianchi RCX 627 might be for you.

The RCX 627 has features that appeal to intermediate cyclists. If you’re a beginner or have a smoother ride, it might make more sense to opt for a more affordable and less technical bike. However, if you want to improve your cycling experience and push your limits, the RCX 627 may be the upgrade for you.

Bianchi RCX 627 comes with high quality and quality components. Therefore, it can have a higher price range than other bicycle models. If you’re on a tight budget and want to buy a more expensive bike, consider the RCX 627. However, if you’re on a tighter budget or want to save money for other needs, you might want to consider a more affordable bike option.

Bianchi RCX 627 User Reviews

Bianchi RCX627

👤 The product is fine, it came in the color we wanted, the cargo was fine, there is only a problem, you have to assemble it, only that part is difficult, otherwise the product is very good.

👤 The bike is nice for the price. But I made a mistake: despite the seller’s warning, I bought 27 rims, thinking they could be used for my 8.5-year-old daughter.

👤 The product is very good.

👤 Nice successful bike. I have no problems while using it. The mountain progresses without hesitation. Gear shifters are also very sensitive, I can use them comfortably.

👤 I wanted to comment after using it for a while. I received it a few months ago with fast and hassle-free shipping, I’m still using it, I’ve had no problem

👤 After the order, they called to confirm the height suitability for the person who will use it. Shipping is very fast and hassle free. Apart from adjusting the brake mechanism, it is not that difficult to pick up, anyone with a key can easily pick it up.

How much does a Bianchi RCX 627 bike weigh?

The Bianchi Rcx 627 bicycle weighs an average of 15 kilograms. It is a bicycle that can be easily carried by almost anyone. It is usually recommended for adults.

For which rides is the Bianchi RCX 627 bike suitable?

The Rcx 627 bike is more suited to mountain roads, but it is a bike that can be ridden on asphalt roads if desired. You feel completely at ease on mountain roads.

Which country is the Bianchi brand from?

The place where the Bianchi company was founded is Milan, Italy. Accell Group acquired the Bianchi brand in 2011.

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