Bilicra BLC 101 Kids Smart Watch Reviews and Features

If you are looking for a user-friendly and functional smart kids watch, the Bilicra BLC 101 is the right choice for you. With step tracking and live location tracking feature, you can get information about your child’s whereabouts at any time. The voice and SMS feature allows you to connect with your child and get information. Since notifications are sent to all numbers registered to the emergency button, other numbers registered in the device will be alerted in case of an emergency, even if you don’t see them.

Bilicra BLC 101 Features

Positioning System GPS
To inform Audio and written
Voice call There is
SOS There is
Track location There is
sleep tracker No

Bilicra BLC 101 Smart kids watch

We have researched for you the features and questions about the Bilicra BLC 101 kids smart watch, which you can monitor at any time by communicating with your child at any time and tracking the location function at the same time.

Here are all the details about the Bilicra BLC 101 kids smart watch;

Bilicra BLC 101 Design

Designed in a very simple and easy to understand manner, Bilicra BLC 101 smart kids watch is developed in such a way that both your child and you can adapt to the device as quickly as possible. With its flat front and inside of the wrist, it does not cause wrist discomfort. The device has been made user-friendly thanks to the 1.22 inch screen with vivid colors. You can use the device in any color and model with its interchangeable cord.

Bilicra BLC 101 Clock Application Features

Track activities There is
Alarm There is
Don’t message me There is
Family control There is
Camera There is

Bilicra BLC 101 smart kids watch is used by pairing it with the Bilicra Smart function via Google Play. You must perform the functions you want to control on the watch and the operations you want to perform through this application. Developed for parents to control the dual-use smartwatch, the application is designed to allow you to perform functions such as map tracking, step tracking, and sending messages through the application.

Bilicra BLC 101 Smart Watch Setup

To use the smart children’s watch Bilicra BLC 101, you have to follow a number of steps. The things you need to do to operate the device and take advantage of its other features are listed as follows;

  1. Insert the nano type SIM card into the card slot with the pushing tool.
  2. Close the card slot after checking that the SIM card is inserted correctly.
  3. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds to start up the device.
  4. After the device is switched on, wait a few minutes until the mains voltage is switched on.
  5. After the network is available, install the Bilicra Smart application.
  6. Log in as a new registration on the application.
  7. After the registration process is complete, pair the Bilicra BLC 101 and the application.
  8. You can complete the process by adding the closest contacts to the device owner.

Bilicra BLC 101 Smart Watch Setup

Bilicra BLC 101 Technical Specifications

  • SOS emergency button
  • Voice and text messages
  • track location
  • electronic gate
  • Find time
  • Footprint
  • Warning messages
  • Telephone

Bilicra BLC 101 electronic fence

You can determine the safe area with the location tracking and location limiting function that you will perform through the Bilicra BLC 101 smart kids watch application. You will be alerted with warning messages when you leave the safe area you have set. When you return to the safe area, you will be informed by the application. Thanks to the electronic fence, you can immediately see whether your child has left the area you marked out without constantly monitoring its location.

Bilicra BLC 101 electronic fence

Bilicra BLC 101 battery features

Loading time 1.5 hours
Operation time 24-36 hours
Battery 400mAh

Bilicra BLC 101 smart smartwatch for kids, with a battery capacity of 400 mAh, performs in the range of 24-36 hours depending on the usage situation, with a charging time of 1.5 hours at full capacity. This way you can continue to work even on the day that you forget to charge the device.

Bilicra BLC 101 Send Message

Bilicra BLC 101 Send Message

Bilicra BLC 101 smart children’s watch is a device that allows you to make and receive calls. Thanks to the voice and text messaging feature, you can receive news from your child even in non-callable situations. So you can hear from your child at any time and feel safe.

Bilicra BLC 101 Location information and SOS

If you not only want to know the instant location of your child but also want to access the historical location information, you can achieve it by getting the Bilicra BLC 101 smart kids watch and its application. To take advantage of the SOS function that notifies you in emergency situations, simply press and hold the SOS button for 3 seconds. In this way, an emergency message is sent to all persons registered in the device and they are informed.

Bilicra BLC 101 Smart Watch Review

Bilicra BLC 101 Smart Watch Review

👤 *** ***: After I bought the watch, I got a warning that the battery was empty prematurely and the watch was not connected to the internet, annoying of course. I have spoken to customer service. It must be charged with a 1 amp adapter as described in the user manual on charging. The adapter we charge our phones with isn’t 1 amp, but if we charge it with it, it’s empty quickly. I charge it via the USB of the computer and the problem is generally gone. The charge lasts between 1.5 and 2 days depending on the use. I turned on the 4.5G of the line I was using, although it said that the clock works with 2G, the communication center said to activate 4.5G, I activated it. Suddenly, the contact center reinstalled the remote clock and asked for a different email address than the email address on the initial setup. In general, my problems are solved. I would point out that the watch doesn’t pull very strongly like normal phones, which is a good thing, it means less radiation, the SAR value is low. If the clock at home is running hard when you go to bed at night, I would say turn it off due to excessive battery consumption when looking for health and network. I hope the information will be useful. Good day to everyone.

👤 *** ***: We have been using it for 6 months now and we are very satisfied.

👤 *** ***: We have been using it for 6 months. All the features it says work. Don’t be confused by negative reviews. We have not bought and tried cheap products, but this product is very useful. I advise. The battery lasts about two days, but we don’t talk much. All functions work perfectly.

👤 *** ***: It’s been a long time, we still use it, we haven’t had any problems, we just charge it very little every night, we charge it every night, even if we don’t call, it is running out. The location information is not displayed clearly even with GPS.

👤 *** ***: We have been using it for 3 months. The charge is between 1.5-2 days. The position rarely deviates.

👤 *** ***: It meets the basic needs, the voice and voicemail parts work well. GPS isn’t stable indoors, but it works. It didn’t take me long to figure out what the app usage was.

👤 *** ***: I can reach my child whenever I want, follow him on the map and give a warning when he leaves after choosing the area where he can go out thanks to the electronic gate. So I will say, a video call is not necessary. Good service too.

👤 *** ***: We are very satisfied. I can reach my son whenever I want. I can intervene remotely via the application. It met my expectations, thank you.

👤 *** ***: We have been using it for more than 1 year, we are very satisfied, it has not caused any problems.

👤 *** ***: We used the watch for 10 days, the charge lasts 2 days, it must be charged with a 1 amp adapter (compatible with iPhone adapter), otherwise your charge will run out prematurely. Due to the low capacity of the built-in GPS receiver, the location accuracy may give an error of 50 m in a closed area. But it works flawlessly in the open field. Also disable the Lbs location setting for battery saving and location accuracy.

We have researched the FAQs and questions about the Bilicra BLC 101 children’s smart watch, where you can receive news and follow-up from your child at any time.

How to install Bilicra BLC 101?

When installing Bilicra BLC 101, you must first make sure that you have correctly inserted the SIM card. Then you need to close the SIM card slot and hold down the power button. It may take a few minutes for the network to arrive after the device is turned on. After the network has arrived, you can create your new membership by installing the application compatible with the device and pairing it with the device to be controlled.

What does bilicra mean?

Besides being just a brand name, Bilicra has been branded as an abbreviation of the tagline “I know, I’m comfortable”.

How much are Bilicra smart watches?

To access price information on Bilicra smartwatches, you can get information from the website where the device is sold and the main website.

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