Bisan MTX 7400 Review | Tyre, brake, rim, frame and brake

Bisan MTX 7400 is one of the leading mountain bikes in its class for those who want to challenge the terrain and experience the thrilling moments that nature has to offer. With its powerful performance, durable structure and superior features, Bisan MTX 7400 is a travel companion designed to satisfy the adventurous spirit.

Bisan MTX 7400 features

Gear 27
type brake Hydraulic disc brake
Edge 27.5 inches

Bisan MTX 7400 mountain bike

Equipped with double deck alloy wheels, hydraulic disc brake system and Shimano components, this bike offers a safe and enjoyable riding experience on any kind of terrain. “

Designed to meet the expectations of amateur cyclists and experienced adventurers alike, Bisan MTX 7400 allows you to push your limits with its powerful performance and robust structure. Are you ready? Step on the pedals to go on an adventure and discover where the Bisan MTX 7400 will take you!

Here are all the details on the Bisan MTX 7400 Mountain Bike;

Features of Bisan MTX 7400 Mountain Bike

Bisan MTX 7400 is made of 6061 aluminum alloy, which is a durable alloy material. This material is known for its durability and lightweight. The front fork of the bicycle is a Mozo fork. This fork absorbs vibrations while riding, providing a more comfortable riding experience.

Double wall/double wall alloy wheels are used on the Bisan MTX 7400. These wheels have a more durable and firmer structure. The bicycle’s tires are Michelin brand tyres. Michelin is a brand known for its high quality and good grip tires.

Bisan MTX 7400 Mountain Bike Gear and Brake

Shimano Altus SL-M2010-9 is used in Bisan MTX 7400 gear lever. This gear lever is known to have 9 gears and shift smoothly. Shimano Altus Fd-M2000 is the front derailleur of Bisan MTX 7400. With this derailleur you can switch seamlessly between the front gears.

The rear derailleur of Bisan MTX 7400 is Shimano Altus Rd-M2000. With this derailleur you can switch accurately and quickly between the rear gears. Shimano Cs-Hg201 9Lu (11-34) rubles is the bicycle rear sprocket set. This ruble provides a wide range of gears and allows you to drive in various difficult off-road conditions. A KMC brand chain is used in the Bisan MTX 7400. KMC chains are designed for durable and smooth shifting.

The braking system of the bike is Shimano Br-Mt200 hydraulic disc brakes. Hydraulic brakes provide powerful braking performance and allow you to use less force when braking. This way you get a more controlled braking experience.

Bisan MTX 7400

Bisan MTX 7400 installation

Your Bisan MTX 7400 bike arrives in a box and disassembled. After buying your bike, you can have it installed for free with the free assembly receipt available at the nearest Bisan service station. After the assembly process is complete, you can start using your bike.

Bisan MTX 7400 wheels

Bisan MTX 7400 Rim is designed for adventurous mountain biking experiences. The frame of this bicycle is made of a light and durable 6061 aluminum alloy. In this way it offers both a fast and durable ride.

With Mozo as the front fork, the Bisan MTX 7400 offers you a comfortable riding experience, even on difficult terrain. In addition, you get more grip and durability thanks to the double-layered alloy wheels and Michelin tires.

The bike’s gear system is controlled by the Shimano Altus SL-M2010-9 gear lever. With 9 gear levels, this gear lever provides smooth shifting and precise control. In addition, the Shimano Altus Fd-M2000 derailleur and Shimano Altus Rd-M2000 derailleur are designed for smooth and fast shifting.

The rim hubs of the Bisan MTX 7400 are designated as Shimano Hb-Rm35 front and Fh-Rm35 rear. These hubs have been carefully selected for durability and balanced handling.

Bisan MTX 7400 features

Frame material Aluminium
Weight 15.54kg
Squad length 19 inches – 48 cm
Front Shock Absorber Locked shock absorber

Bisan MTX 7400 plow

Bisan MTX 7400 Frame is made of 6061 aluminum alloy, which has a durable and light structure. This frame attracts attention with its durability and ensures long-term use.

Since the bike’s fork is Mozo brand, it provides a more comfortable experience by absorbing vibrations while riding. This function increases driving pleasure, even on difficult terrain.

The rims are alloy rims made of double-walled alloy. These wheels have a durable construction and are more resistant to shocks.

Michelin brand tires are used on the Bisan MTX 7400 Kadro. Michelin is a tire brand known for its quality and solid structure. These tires offer superior performance in terms of handling and durability.

Bisan MTX 7400

Want to buy Bisan MTX 7400?

Bisan MTX 7400 is equipped with a durable and lightweight 6061 aluminum alloy frame. In this way, both durability and maneuverability are provided when driving fast. In addition, it increases ride comfort by absorbing vibrations with Mozo fork.

The rims are made of a double-layer alloy, which aids the bike’s stiffness and durability. Michelin brand tires are high quality and superior performance tyres. This combination ensures good handling and durability, and provides a comfortable driving experience on different terrains.

Shimano Altus components increase riding performance by providing reliable and smooth shifting. Shimano’s hydraulic disc brake system ensures effective braking performance and safety. These features are important factors that provide users with a safe driving experience.

Bisan MTX 7400 also has Shimano derailleurs for fast and precise shifting. This makes your ride smoother and helps you overcome rough roads.

Considering all these features, the Bisan MTX 7400 can be considered a reliable option.

Bisan MTX 7400 User Reviews

Bisan MTX 7400

👤 Derya G.: Bisan MTX 7400 arrived to me without any problem with fast shipping and seller interest. I am very happy with this bike that I bought as a report card gift. Thank you.

👤 Devrim K.: I bought the Bisan MTX 7400 and it is really comfortable to use. It makes for a super experience.

👤 S** E: The Bisan MTX 7400 I received was very nice. You can get it without hesitation.

👤 Gül Ö.: The bike was delivered quickly in one day and the packaging was also very good. I bought it for my niece and she is very pleased. The only problem was that the paint was peeling off.

👤 Z** B**: Arrived smoothly and nicely. Thanks everyone.

👤 K** B**: He loved the bike I bought as a present for my wife. However, he stated that he was not comfortable, he thought our wheel choice was wrong. We called the number on the package for warranty and started using it.

👤 F** T**: Bisan MTX 7400 is a good product for its price. Packaging was good too.

👤 Z** B**: Bisan MTX 7400, which was better than we expected, was highly appreciated by my son. I heartily recommend it.

👤 A** Ü**: I really liked the bike. Thank you.

👤 N** K**: Bisan MTX 7400 is a very nice bike.

How much does the Bisan MTX 7400 bike weigh?

The weight of the Bisan MTX 7400 bicycle is 15.54 kg. It can be easily carried when it is desired to be worn, and at the same time it offers convenience in carrying with its ergonomic structure.

For which rides is the Bisan MTX 7400 bicycle suitable?

The Bisan MTX 7400 bike is suitable for off-road and off-road riding, which is often thought of as a mountain bike. This bike can be easily used in difficult terrain conditions thanks to its double-deck wheels, hydraulic disc brake system and durable construction.

Which country’s brand is Bisan?

Bisan is a brand from Türkiye. This company, which produces city, road, mountain bike and children’s bicycles, is of very high quality.

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