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Silicon Valley Bank, which quickly grew its wealth with the capital of Silicon Valley startups and became one of the major commercial banks, ran into a liquidity crisis within 48 hours and was taken over by the Federal Deposit Protection Agency. On the other hand, Credit Suisse, one of the big Swiss-based banks, was bought by UBS for USD 2 billion after it got into a difficult situation after the Saudi National Bank, one of its major shareholders, announced that it would not raise its capital. .

These developments in traditional finance have revitalized the cryptocurrency markets. Bitcoin rose 40% in 2 weeks and hit a nine-month high. Emrah Karadere, Turkey Operations Manager of Block Earner, a new generation financing platform that provides services with crypto buy/sell and DeFi access products, evaluated the events.


Last year, one of the world famous centralized cryptocurrency exchanges went bankrupt within days and the market’s confidence in the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem was shaken. The bankruptcy of the central cryptocurrency exchange caused a domino effect and bad news came from other organizations as well. This has increased the potential of decentralized finance. A recent report showed that investments in decentralized finance, also known as DeFi, increased by 190% in 2022 compared to the previous year. Investments in central finance fell by 73% over the same period.

With recent developments it has been proven that traditional finance is not strong enough as it is believed, macroeconomic developments may even shake reliable banks and the fragility of the traditional financial system. This has once again demonstrated the potential of decentralized finance projects that allow investing in real assets such as gold with distributed portfolios.


Decentralized finance, which is derived from the first two letters of the English words “decentralized finance” and abbreviated as DeFi, is a technology that enables third parties and centralized institutions to complete transactions. These third parties can be listed as banks, centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, and regulators.

DeFi structures utilizing blockchain infrastructure enable investors to conduct secure and fast transactions through reliable algorithms and indecipherable digital passwords. The main benefits of DeFi, which reduces costs by eliminating the middleman, are summarized as follows:

Decentralized financial infrastructures enable individuals to transfer capital globally and make crypto-based transactions.
By using DeFi platforms, investors can evaluate their savings daily with technologies that bring their future logic to the blockchain.
Since decentralized finance is based entirely on computer algorithms, it eliminates the risks associated with traditional finance and centralized cryptocurrency exchanges and offers a more secure financial experience.

Emra Karadere


Thanks to the crypto asset PAXG, which uses a DeFi-based technology, it is possible to invest in gold on the blockchain. Through PAXG, an ounce-indexed and real gold equivalent, investors can eliminate the risks of holding physical gold and invest in gold in a completely digital and secure environment. In addition, assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC provide additional savings for long-term investors with daily variable rates of return.

What is Block Earner?

The company, a new generation financial platform based in Australia that has started operations in Turkey, provides a platform for crypto service providers in Turkey that meets all the standards in the MASAK Compliance Guide issued by the Financial Crimes Investigation Board. The platform, which facilitates and traces the trading of cryptocurrencies and access to DeFi platforms, offers investors a cost advantage of up to 95% in DeFi-focused transactions. The platform offers 0 commission opportunities in March and stands out with its investment of $4.5 million from world-renowned investment firms and angel investors in the investment tour led by Coinbase Ventures.

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