Bonera Berlin Pressure Cooker Features and Reviews

Preferred by lovers of the classic style pressure cooker, Bonera Berlin stands out for its quality and reasonable price. By preserving the nutritional value of the food using pressurized steam, Bonera Berlin, which prepares delicious meals, offers a lifetime of use as it is made entirely of stainless steel. Let’s take a closer look at the Bonera Berlin model, which is also appreciated with its non-flammable non-stick coating and a capacity of 9 liters.

Bonera Berlin pressure cooker Features

Body material Stainless steel
Capacity 9 L
base Induction
Induction compatibility There is
Removable handle No
Level No

Bonera Berlin pressure cooker review

Bonera Berlin Pressure cooker, which is very suitable for those who cannot give up the classics in their kitchen, offers ease of use with its non-flammable and non-stick coating. Bonera Berlin, the protagonist of large families and dinner tables thanks to its 9 liter volume, is also appreciated because it can be used on any stove. Sold at a very affordable price compared to its competitors, this pressure cooker gets full marks from its users with the performance it offers.

Bonera Berlin Features

  • Content 9 litres
  • 430 stainless steel
  • Fireproof non-stick coating
  • Induction compatibility

Bonera Berlin bodily material

Made of 430 quality stainless steel material, Bonera Berlin has been your greatest assistant in your kitchen for many years. This pressure cooker, which is impact-resistant thanks to the high-quality material, can be washed in the dishwasher with confidence because it is made of steel.

Bonera Berlin design features

Body material Stainless steel
Clock display No
One-handed opening No
base Induction

How do you use Bonera Berlin?

Bonera Berlin pressure cooker

After you have filled your Bonera Berlin pressure cooker to the maximum level, place the lid in the pot. Then flip the closing lock lever in the opposite direction. In this way the cover is completely locked. Then lift the place setting whistle system on the lid and let it cook in this way until it boils. When your food starts to cook, lower the heat and turn down the whistle system. Keep track of the time according to the cooking time of your food, then close the bottom of your pan and wait 5-10 minutes without moving it. After this waiting time, slowly raise your pot’s whistle system and wait for the air outlet to stop. When you’re sure there’s no air left in your pan, flip the lid lock lever in the opposite direction and the lid opens easily.

Bonera Berlin cooking times

Veal 40-45 minutes
Beef 45-60 minutes
Lamb meat 30-35 minutes
Carrot 10-15 minutes
Green beans 25 minutes
Whole chicken 35-40 minutes
Haricot 40 minutes

Bonera Berlin Capacity

Bonera Berlin Pressure cooker, with a capacity of 9 liters, is a very useful product for both large families and those who constantly set up an invitation table. Thanks to its large volume, this product, which can easily fit many foods, offers convenience thanks to its quick preparation.

Bonera Berlin offers energy savings

Bonera Berlin Pressure cooker saves time in the kitchen with its pressure cooking technology. Working under high pressure allows the food to be cooked faster, minimizing energy consumption. Thus, it helps you save 50% energy while preparing your delicious meals in a shorter time.

Bonera Berlin pressure cooker

Bonera Berlin Pressure Cooker Safety

Bonera Berlin Pressure cooker is also a good product in terms of safety. Bonera Berlin has a double safety system to minimize the hazards that can arise during the high-pressure cooking process. In addition, it prevents accidents thanks to features such as a safety lock and a pressure relief valve. So it ensures safe use.

Bonera Berlin pressure cooker reviews

Bonera Berlin pressure cooker

👤 The product is as described, has a stylish design, ideal for large families. The steel is beautiful. S****D***

👤 It makes no sense to buy a small pressure cooker, the steel is very high quality, I think, I recommend an affordable product. YES****

👤 I like it a lot, I haven’t tried it yet, but it was really nice packaging for the price, I recommend it. N**** N****

👤 The product is very beautiful, it’s a dowry, but it’s sooo big, I didn’t expect it to be so big. S**** M****

👤 No very expensive brands are needed, the product is very beautiful, the steel is of good quality, it is bought without hesitation, it exceeds much more than I expected. Thank you. M**** T****

👤 👍 Very good quality product. I bought it for my house. D***B***

👤 The product is very beautiful and convenient for its price, as it is shown in the picture. I advise. AND****

👤 It is of good quality and even made mutton-like cotton in 40 minutes. M**** A***

👤 Excellent product, I recommend it to everyone, it cooks in a short time, I am very satisfied, thank you to the seller. S**** C****

👤 Whatever it was, it came, it is a very stylish and safe product, thank you. MRS****

👤 Excellent product, especially the cooking quality and durability, number 10. KG*****

Is the Berlin pressure cooker made of steel?

The Bonera Berlin pressure cooker is made of high-quality steel. In this way it is both sustainable and healthy.

How big is Berlin’s pressure cooker?

Bonera Berlin Pressure cooker offers a capacity of 9 liters. This way, the food can be cooked quickly, whether for invited dinners or large family tables.

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