Bosch BFL524MW0 Microwave Features and Reviews

The microwave takes its place among the appliances that we often need with the developing technology. The Bosch BFL524MW0 is an oven that stands out for features such as automatic programming and touch control. This oven attracts attention with its modern design and ease of use. You can also learn more about the Bosch BFL524MW0 microwave oven in this content.

Bosch BFL524MW0 Series 6 Built-in functions

power 800W
Internal volume 20L
Weight 16.9 kg
Heat setting There is
Installation type built-in
Number of programs 7

Bosch BFL524MW0 microwave

The Bosch BFL524MW0 microwave oven has a stylish design with recessed buttons. The easy-to-clean front panel makes its use even more practical and it manages to please you with 5 different power levels. It also proves to be an ideal option for small houses with its large interior volume.

Here are all the details about the Bosch BFL524MW0 microwave oven:

Bosch BFL524MW0 Technical specifications

  • 20 liter internal volume
  • 7 different program functions
  • Hidden installation type
  • 16.9 kg weight
  • 5 different power levels
  • LED screen function
  • Easy to use with turntable
  • White color

Bosch BFL524MW0 Capacity

Capacity 20L
Installation type built-in
Number of programs 7

The Bosch BFL524MW0 microwave has an ideal size with its 20-liter interior. This capacity offers enough space to prepare enough food. It manages to please you for large families or large-scale meals.

Bosch BFL524MW0 Design

Bosch BFL524MW0

The Bosch BFL524MW0 microwave oven offers a modern look with its white LED display and touch-open lid. Thanks to the door hinge on the left, the product is suitable for right or left-handed use.

Bosch BFL524MW0 Dimension

Height 382mm
Width 594mm
Depth 317mm
Weight 16.9 kg

Product dimensions are designed with a height of 382mm, a width of 594mm and a depth of 317mm. This microwave weighs 16.9 kg, making it easy to transport and place. In this way he succeeds in offering you the right space in all kitchens.

Bosch BFL524MW0 Installation

The Bosch BFL524MW0 microwave oven is powered by the built-in installation type. The device is very easy to install. It is enough to take the correct dimensions for the area where it will be placed and place it correctly. You also don’t need an electrician to connect the microwave, because the plug of the device fits into a normal socket. The Bosch BFL524MW0 microwave is equipped with a user-friendly rotary knob. Easy installation allows users to start using the product in a short time.

Bosch BFL524MW0 Benefits

The Bosch BFL524MW0 microwave has many advantages. First of all, you can prepare your food quickly and easily thanks to the microwave power of 800 W. In addition, thanks to the different power levels, it is possible to bring the food to the desired temperature. The device’s hydrolytic cleaning system also makes it easy to use and shortens the cleaning process. You can prepare your meals more easily thanks to the integrated accessories such as turntables.

Bosch BFL524MW0

Bosch BFL524MW0 Disadvantages

As for the disadvantages of the Bosch BFL524MW0 microwave oven, the internal volume of 20 liters may not be enough for some users. In addition, the price of the device can be a bit high compared to other microwave ovens. Also, the device’s lack of AddedSteam feature can be a drawback for some users.

As a result, the Bosch BFL524MW0 microwave oven offers many advantages with its stylish design, easy cleaning and different power levels. However, the internal volume of the device may not be enough for some users, and the price may be slightly higher than other microwave ovens. Despite these drawbacks, the Bosch BFL524MW0 microwave is an ideal option for use in small homes.

Bosch BFL524MW0 User Reviews

Bosch BFL524MW0

Here are the positive and negative comments from users of the Bosch BFL524MW0:

💬 With the microwave, a wide variety of dishes can be prepared quickly. The oven is particularly suitable for heating or defrosting food. I was very satisfied.

💬 Oven has a user-friendly interface. The intuitive arrangement of menus and settings makes it easy for users to operate the oven.

💬 The oven works silently. Unlike other ovens, this oven does not make any disturbing noise during cooking.

💬 Easy to clean. The inside has a non-stick coating and is therefore very easy to clean.

💬 Thanks to the large glass surface of the oven door, you can easily keep an eye on your food while it is cooking.

💬 Thanks to its easy-to-clean surfaces, it is very comfortable and easy to clean.

💬 The inside of the microwave is spacious and easy to clean. In addition, the cooking performance is also quite good. You can easily cook your meals thanks to the different settings.

💬 The oven is very easy to use. Thanks to the touchscreen, you can quickly set your meals. In addition, the child lock ensures the protection of your young children.

💬 The operation of the oven is very noisy, it makes a lot of noise when it is running, I did not like it.

💬 It was a product that I did not like Bosch quality. Warming up and defrosting takes a long time.

Scoring and rating

The Bosch BFL524MW0 microwave oven stands out for its various programs and functions. This silent oven adds color to your kitchen with its modern and minimalist look. At the same time, it works with 800 watts of power and helps you prepare your food quickly.

In this part of our content we answer frequently asked questions about the Bosch BFL524MW0 microwave oven.

How many watts does the Bosch BFL524MW0 microwave have?

The Bosch BFL524MW0 microwave has a power of 800 watts. This machine, which can also operate at 90, 180, 360, 600, 800 W power, manages to create an ideal use for you.

How many types of heating functions does the Bosch BFL524MW0 microwave have?

The Bosch BFL524MW0 microwave has 5 types of heating functions. This way you can choose the heating method that is ideal for you.

What is the internal volume of the Bosch BFL524MW0 microwave oven?

The Bosch BFL524MW0 microwave oven is designed with an internal volume of 20 liters.

How do you clean the Bosch BFL524MW0 microwave?

The microwave oven Bosch BFL524MW0 can be cleaned inside and out with a damp cloth. You can also steam it with some vinegar or lemon juice to remove food residues and stains in the oven.

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