Bosch Series 8 Dryer Review -Notes and Features

Do you dream of a tumble dryer with features such as fray-free drying, energy efficiency and ease of use? Then you may not have become acquainted with the Bosch WTX87K80TR. This model, which stands out for its superior technology, safe use, stylish and modern design, also manages to dry without damaging your things. In this content, we have explored the points about Bosch WTX87K80TR dryer for you.

Bosch WTX87K80TR Features

Capacity 9kg
Weight 54.4
Number of programs 14
Remote control There is
Volume 62dB

Bosch Series 8 Tumble Dryer 9 kg

The Bosch WTX87K80TR dryer is designed to be a very impressive product with its features and technological innovations. This machine, which offers ease of use by saving energy while drying your clothes without damaging them during work, looks like a contender to become one of the must-have items in your home.

Here are all the details about the Bosch WTX87K80TR Dryer;

Bosch WTX87K80TR Design

The white Bosch WTX87K80TR tumble dryer has a very impressive design with its condensation drying type and heat pump technology. Thanks to this machine’s SelfCleaning Condenser technology, which is extremely easy to use thanks to its LCD display and touch buttons, the filters are cleaned automatically and performance is always at a high level.

The drying program can be easily selected and adjusted thanks to the LCD screen and the touch buttons that also display the machine’s working status and time.

Bosch WTX87K80TR Capacity

With the Bosch WTX87K80TR dryer, you can dry a lot of clothes at the same time with a capacity of 9 kilograms. In this way, it helps users save time and complete their household tasks faster and more conveniently. The condensation drying type and heat pump technology also make the drying process more efficient. This saves users both time and energy.

Bosch WTX87K80TR Security

Precision drying system There is
child lock There is
Program control button There is

The Bosch WTX87K80TR dryer, which has a sensitive drying system, is designed to prioritize the safety of the users. Child lock support is designed to prevent the machine from operating and restrict the use of buttons. This prevents the little ones from reaching the machine or accidentally opening the machine.

In addition, there is an acoustic signal at the end of the program. This allows users to take their laundry out of the machine in time and avoid unnecessary operation of the machine.

The machine’s LED drum lighting feature is another feature that enhances safety. Thanks to this feature, users can clearly see the laundry in the drum and be more careful when opening the machine.

Bosch WTX87K80TR Size and weight

Height 84.2 cm
Width 59.8cm
Depth 66.5cm
Weight 56.4kg

Bosch WTX87K80TR; It is 84.2 cm high, 59.8 cm wide and 66.5 cm deep. Thus, it proves that it fits easily into many different homes. Weighing only 56.4 kg, this machine offers convenience to users when it needs to be moved or relocated to another location.

Bosch WTX87K80TR Technical Specifications

  • Capacity of 9 kg
  • Low energy consumption
  • Remote control possible
  • Automatic temperature setting
  • Safe use with child lock
  • LED drum lighting
  • Modern and stylish look

Bosch WTX87K80TR Energy consumption

Energy consumption at full load 2.1 kWh
Energy consumption at half load 1.24 kWh
Energy efficiency class A++
Volume 62dB

The Bosch WTX87K80TR dryer consumes 2.1 kWh at full load and 1.24 kWh at half load. The energy efficiency class of this machine, which stands out for its low consumption, is A++ and delivers very impressive performance. This way your machine has less impact on the environment and you save on your energy bill.

In addition, the specially designed moisture sensors in the machine accurately determine the moisture of the clothes by continuously measuring the moisture of the load. This keeps the drying time at the ideal level without extending it unnecessarily.

The noise level of the Bosch WTX87K80TR dryer also manages to satisfy its users. Due to the noise level of 62 dB, the machine works without disturbing you.

Bosch WTX87K80TR Programs and usage

Bosch WTX87K80TR

The Bosch WTX87K80TR tumble dryer is designed to help you dry your laundry with the most suitable drying cycle. The machine, which chooses the right drying program for you with its many special program options and smart drying function, automatically detects the drying time of your laundry with its AutoDry function and ensures effective drying without wrinkles thanks to the sensitive drying system.

Among the programs of the Bosch WTX87K80TR dryer;

  • Cotton
  • synthetic fabrics
  • Extra Allergy/Hygiene
  • Shirt/blouse
  • Delicate
  • Towel
  • 1 shirt (IronAssist)
  • 5 shirts (IronAssist)
  • ColdRefreshBusiness
  • to blend
  • Super short 40′
  • wool clothing
  • Dry in the basket
  • timed program

drying options.

Thanks to the smart drying function, the right drying program is selected with the WiFi connection between the washing machine and the dryer. This ensures perfect drying results after every wash.

You can remotely check and adjust the settings of this dryer, which also supports the Home Connect function, with a single click.

Bosch WTX87K80TR review

Bosch WTX87K80TR

👤 *** ***: The Bosch WTX87K80TR dryer is the best machine I’ve ever used. With the program variation, the smart drying function and the sensitive drying system, my laundry always dries perfectly. I can also control it from my phone using the Home Connect function. I would definitely recommend.

👤 *** ***: The reason I chose this machine was the AutoDry feature and it really works. My laundry always dries exactly the way I want it. The IronAssist program is also very practical. I get great results for both my cotton and synthetic laundry.

👤 *** ***: The Bosch WTX87K80TR is a quality dryer. Especially thanks to the sensitive drying system, my laundry comes out soft and fragrant without creasing. There are many options between the drying programs and I can control it from anywhere thanks to the Home Connect function.

👤 *** ***: This machine is really cool. I especially find special programs very useful for drying my high-quality cotton clothes. Also, the Smart Dry function, which helps me select programs, really makes my life easier.

👤 *** ***: Since I bought the Bosch WTX87K80TR tumble dryer, drying my laundry is no longer a problem. I get great results every time and my laundry lasts longer. Of course it could have been a bit quieter, but overall I’m very satisfied.

👤 *** ***: I am very satisfied! The dryer is very easy to use and the drying results are great. Choosing between the program options is easy and the Smart Drying function makes work very easy. I definitely recommend it

👤 *** ***: The Bosch WTX87K80TR dryer is quite expensive and some programs take longer than I expected. Also, since the dryer is quite large, it may not be suitable for people with limited space in my home.

👤 *** ***: This machine works really well, but I’ve noticed it works really hard at times. Still, I would say it’s a quality dryer.

Editor’s Comments

Bosch WTX87K80TR

First of all, the installation and use of the machine is very simple. Whether you choose one of the standard programs or special programs, you can do them all very comfortably thanks to functions such as Smart Drying or AutoDry. Thanks to the Sensitive Drying System, it prevents creases and reduces the need for ironing of the laundry.

Another function, Home Connect, enables remote use by connecting the dryer to your smartphone or tablet. This way you can easily change and operate the machine’s program from anywhere.

In addition, thanks to the ComfortControl function, it minimizes the noise generated while the machine is running, creating a quiet environment in the home.

All in all, the Bosch WTX87K80TR dryer is a great choice with its ease of use and features. If you want to facilitate the drying process of your laundry and save time, we recommend that you evaluate this machine.

In this section we answer the questions about the Bosch WTX87K80TR tumble dryer.

What are the features of the Bosch WTX87K80TR tumble dryer?

The Bosch Washer Dryer WTX87K80TR has a capacity of 9 kg and offers a wide choice of functions. These include heat pump drying technology, automatic humidity control, touch screen, child lock, many drying programs and protection for sensitive fabrics. In addition, the machine runs silently and has an energy-efficient design.

How to use the Bosch WTX87K80TR dryer?

The Bosch WTX87K80TR dryer is very easy to use. Place your clothes in the machine and select the correct drying cycle. The machine automatically determines the time it takes to complete the drying program and when it needs to dehumidify during the drying process. When the drying process is complete, you can take your clothes out of the machine.

How energy efficient is the Bosch WTX87K80TR tumble dryer?

The Bosch WTX87K80TR tumble dryer has been specially designed to save energy. It falls into the energy class A+++, which means that the machine is very energy efficient.

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