Bosch SMS6ECI81T Review – Features and Reviews

Of course washing dishes is a fact of life, but let’s all admit it can be boring at times. The dishwasher Bosch SMS6ECI81T also helps us solve this exact problem. This stylish and powerful dishwasher promises not only to clean dishes, but also to make them fun. On the one hand, this machine ensures a peaceful environment with its silent operation, on the other hand, it knows how to make your life easier with its various program options.

Bosch SMS6ECI81T Features

Capacity 13
Weight 55.4 kg
Number of programs 7
Remote control Wi-Fi
Volume 44dB
Type Solo

Bosch SMS6ECI81T Wi-fi 7 programmed dishwasher

Bosch SMS6ECI81T dishwasher, unlike ordinary dishwashers, manages to bring you more convenience in your daily life. Thanks to this machine, washing up is no longer a tedious job, but a pleasant activity!

Here are all details about Bosch SMS6ECI81T Wi-fi 7 Programmed Dishwasher;

Bosch SMS6ECI81T Design

The dishwasher Bosch SMS6ECI81T stands out for its features that give you a high degree of flexibility compared to previous dishwashing experiences. Equipped with NaturalDry technology, this machine’s automatic lid opening takes drying performance to a superior point. Thanks to Max Flex Baskets, it offers flexible and balanced loading, making it easier to place dishes.

VarioDrawer opens up a space suitable for small kitchen items such as cutlery. You can easily store all kinds of kitchen utensils, such as espresso cups, ladles and whisks. With the support of this function, there is more space in the lower basket and insertion is also flexible and convenient.

The height-adjustable 3-tier top basket equipped with Rackmatic technology allows you to adjust the height of the top basket even when the machine is full. In addition, with the Tablet Counter function you can keep track of the number of dishwasher tablets in the house and receive an alert when the tablets are gone, so that it will not be a surprise to you if you run out of tablets.

Bosch SMS6ECI81T Capacity

Bosch SMS6ECI81T dishwasher is produced with a capacity of 13 people. This way you can do all the dishes for large families or guests in one go. In addition, the shelves and baskets inside the machine allow you to easily place different sized dishes the way you want.

Bosch SMS6ECI81T

Bosch SMS6ECI81T Security

AquaStop There is
Electronic lock panel There is
Triple water safety 24 hours
Child lock There is

With the support of the AquaStop function, the Bosch SMS6ECI81T dishwasher prevents water from coming out of the machine in case of water leakage and prioritizes the safety of users.

This product is equipped with an electronic lock panel and requires a password to turn the machine on or off, preventing the little ones from accidentally opening the machine.

Thanks to the Triple Water Safety function, 24 hours a day; The water pressure, water temperature and water level are constantly monitored and the machine switches off automatically in the event of a possible water leak.

The Child Lock function prevents children from opening the machine, even when the machine is turned off.

Bosch SMS6ECI81T Dimension

Height 845mm
Width 600mm
Depth 600mm
Weight 55.4 kg

Bosch SMS6ECI81T dishwasher has a compact shape thanks to its dimensions of 845 mm high, 600 mm wide and 600 mm deep. With a weight of 55.4 kg, this machine offers solid and durable use, can be easily placed in standard kitchen cabinets and saves space. The large inner volume of the machine also allows for easy placement of different sized dishes and increases dishwashing performance.

Bosch SMS6ECI81T Technical specifications

  • 13 person capacity
  • Safe use with child lock
  • Wi-Fi remote control
  • Compact and modern design
  • AquaStop function
  • Max Flex basket design
  • 44dB noise level
  • Low energy consumption

Bosch SMS6ECI81T Energy consumption

Energy efficiency class D
Water consumption in the Eco program 6.7 L
Volume 44dB
Sound level class B

Bosch SMS6ECI81T dishwasher has an average energy consumption with energy class D energy efficiency. This machine, which consumes only 6.7 liters of water in the Eco program, knows how to satisfy its users in terms of water savings.

With a noise level of 44 dB, this dishwasher is quiet in use and falls into noise class B. This way, your machine will never disturb you while you’re working. Bosch SMS6ECI81T, which offers both energy savings and a quiet user experience, managed to get full marks from many users with these features.

Bosch SMS6ECI81T remote control

The Bosch SMS6ECI81T dishwasher is designed to be operated remotely with support from the Home Connect app. This feature allows you to monitor your machine and set its programs from a smartphone or tablet. By connecting your machine to the internet via a Wi-Fi network connection, you can also manage it by giving voice commands through smart assistants such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. This way your dishwasher works the way you want it to, even when you’re not at home.

Bosch SMS6ECI81T

Bosch SMS6ECI81T reviews

Bosch SMS6ECI81T

👤 *** ***: The remote control of the machine is very simple and I thought it looked nice. I am satisfied and I recommend it to those who are considering it.

👤 *** ***: All my white goods are from Bosch. He always succeeds in making quality products. This time it didn’t surprise me, I like using it.

👤 *** ***: I am very satisfied with the product. I have always appreciated the Bosch service network. I like it now. As for the product, it works very well, there is not even a water stain in the greasy pot, do not spend money on worse brands for nothing.

👤 *** ***: I have been thinking about buying it for so long, it has made my life so easy that I have been agonizing all these years for nothing. My advice to those who think.

👤 *** ***: The machine works so quietly that we were not disturbed at all. It is comfortable to use and has a very nice design. I was very satisfied.

👤 *** ***: I chose the product because it can be controlled remotely. I start it before I get home from work, he already arranges everything. I use it intensively. It never leaves marks on the dishes.

👤 *** ***: The wifi feature is useless as it never connects. It washes the dishes wet and stained, I didn’t like it.

👤 *** ***: His work was too noisy for me, it could have been better. I don’t recommend it.

Our final decision

Bosch SMS6ECI81T

Bosch SMS6ECI81T dishwasher is a real savior for large and large families. Thanks to its wide structure, it helps you fit all the dishes in every wash. Because the baskets and shelves are adjustable, it is possible to easily place large plates and pans.

Another thing we appreciate is its quiet operation. While working, almost no noise can be heard, which does not disturb the silence in the house. In addition, the automatic shut-off of the machine in the event of water leakage offers great convenience in terms of safety.

With all these features, the Bosch SMS6ECI81T dishwasher offers a truly high-quality wash. Every time the dishes are clean and shiny, it gets full points from its users. All in all, the Bosch SMS6ECI81T dishwasher is highly recommended if you are looking for a dishwasher that is easy to use, safe and effective.

In this section we answer the questions about the Bosch SMS6ECI81T dishwasher. Here you will find frequently asked questions about the Jabra Elite 4 Active.

How many programs does the Bosch SMS6ECI81T dishwasher have?

Bosch SMS6ECI81T dishwasher has 7 different program options: Eco 50 °C, Intensive 70 °C, Auto 45-65 °C, Glass 40 °C, 65 °C for 1 hour, Silence 50 °C. These programs can be adapted to your preferences according to different types of dishes and soiling.

Does the Bosch SMS6ECI81T dishwasher run silently?

Bosch SMS6ECI81T dishwasher works silently at 44 dB noise level. Thanks to the Silence program, it can be used undisturbed even at night or in a quiet environment.

Are Bosch SMS6ECI81T racks adjustable?

Yes, the shelves and baskets in the Bosch SMS6ECI81T dishwasher are designed in an adjustable shape. In this way it is possible to easily place dishes of different sizes and shapes.

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