Bosch WTW85410TR Review – Reviews and Features

With its innovative technology and unique features, the Bosch WTW85410TR dryer can handle even the most demanding tumble drying tasks with ease.

This machine, which constantly monitors the humidity level of the laundry, automatically adjusts the time and temperature required for the drying process. So it satisfies you in terms of both time and energy savings.

Bosch WTW85410TR Features

Capacity 8kg
Weight 43.3kg
Number of programs 1+
Remote control No
Volume 64dB

Bosch WTW85410TR Dryer

Thanks to the intelligent humidity control, the Bosch WTW85410TR ensures that the laundry is completely dry and protects your comfort at home with its silent operation. Moreover, it adds a functional touch to your life by gently drying your laundry.

Here are all the details about the Bosch WTW85410TR Dryer;

Bosch WTW85410TR Design

Bosch WTW85410TR tumble dryer is very quiet and durable thanks to its innovative design and many functional features, AntiVibration Design.

Thanks to the AntiVibration sidewall design, this machine is both pleasing to the eye and reduces vibration by increasing stability. While performing the drying processes with the condensation drying type, it offers a modern and stylish design with the white color option. The LCD screen and buttons of this machine, which is designed with the door facing to the right, also make it easier to get information about program selection, time setting and the status of the machine.

Bosch WTW85410TR Capacity

The Bosch WTW85410TR dries all the laundry for a large family in one go, thanks to its drying capacity of 8 kilograms. With the support of its large capacity, it also saves you problems such as hanging laundry and wasting space. This way, you can enjoy the time you free up for yourself while your laundry is drying in the machine.

Bosch WTW85410TR Security

Full tank indicator There is
Interior lighting There is
Lint filter There is

Thanks to the full tank indicator, the Bosch WTW85410TR makes it easy to check whether the water tank is full and gives a warning to empty it when necessary. In addition, the lint filter protects the performance of the machine by filtering the lint and other particles that come out of your laundry during drying.

This machine, which offers ease of use with its interior lighting, helps you see your laundry better and makes the drying process safer.

All in all, the Bosch WTW85410TR tumble dryer is the ideal option for safely drying your laundry at home, with advanced safety features such as a full tank indicator, lint filter and interior lighting.

Bosch WTW85410TR Size and weight

Height 842mm
Width 598mm
Depth 613mm
Weight 43.3 kg

Bosch WTW85410TR dryer; It has a compact structure with a height of 842mm, a depth of 613mm and a width of 598mm. This machine, which weighs 43.3 kilograms, knows how to satisfy its users thanks to its dimensions that adapt easily to all homes. It also supports home decoration with its minimal look.

Bosch WTW85410TR Technical specifications

  • Capacity of 8 kilograms
  • Energy class A++
  • Quick drying with Super 40′
  • Indoor lighting function
  • 64dB noise level
  • Anti-vibration design
  • self-cleaning condenser
  • automatic humidity sensor

Bosch WTW85410TR Energy consumption

Energy efficiency class A++
Volume 64dB
Condensing efficiency class B

With its A++ energy class, the Bosch WTW85410TR dryer ensures very high energy efficiency. The condensing efficiency class of this machine, which saves energy and contributes to the environment and your budget, is B. Thus, it greatly contributes to your budget with ideal ventilation.

The noise level is specified at 64 dB and does not disturb the silence in the house and does not disturb you.

Bosch WTW85410TR Programs and use

Bosch WTW85410TR

Bosch WTW85410TR dryer;

  • delicates
  • Shirts/blouses, towels
  • Mixed,
  • sportswear
  • Super short 40′
  • Latest application in wool fabrics
  • time program
  • time program cold

While it functionally pleases you with its programs, it also gives the necessary sensitivity and importance to your laundry. This way, all your laundry will dry the way you want it to.

Thanks to the SelfCleaning Condenser function, the Bosch WTW85410TR dryer is automatically cleaned four times during each drying cycle. This not only saves energy, but also prevents your clothes from getting full of fluff.

AutoDry sensor technology, on the other hand, ensures that you dry at the desired degree. Sensors constantly measure your clothes and regulate the temperature and humidity, protecting your clothes against extreme heat and dehydration.

Bosch WTW85410TR reviews

👤 *** ***: According to my experience, it is not annoyingly loud or wrinkled, I am very satisfied.

👤 *** ***: Really great product. I searched a lot. I made the right decision. It really felt the Bosch quality. There is no laundry left or right in the house. No dust.

👤 *** ***: Believe me, you will be surprised when you see the dust come out of the wash. We were incredibly satisfied. We immediately ordered my daughter. I would recommend it to everyone.

👤 *** ***: The product is very convenient and stylish. It has no disturbing noise, I am very satisfied, it was not a huge drain on the electricity bill, I recommend it.

👤 *** ***: I repeat what I’m good at every time I use it. Take it, please.

👤 *** ***: The product is very good to use, the only problem is that there is no extra water outlet behind it, you have to remove and empty the water tank every time.

👤 *** ***: It works too hard, but it doesn’t dry well. I wouldn’t choose this if I bought it again. I don’t recommend it.

👤 *** ***: There’s no such thing as the laundry doesn’t wear out, it looks like it’s ironed or something. It wears out and comes out crumpled. Not exaggerated though. But it’s not very important, you can get it if you say it’s enough to dry it. I’m also surprised it doesn’t wear out.

Editor’s Comments

Bosch WTW85410TR

The Bosch WTW85410TR tumble dryer is designed to make life easier for its users with its high performance and ease of use. The machine, which saves both time and energy, offers a very efficient use with its large volume. Intelligent sensors continuously measure humidity and temperature, automatically stop the drying process and minimize energy consumption. This also saves your budget.

In addition, the WTW85410TR, which comes with AutoDry technology, helps to dry your laundry safely by protecting delicate fabrics. The machine, which keeps your laundry soft and supple while drying, also ensures that you don’t have to iron.

As a result, the Bosch WTW85410TR dryer is definitely an option worth considering, as it is both easy to use and maintains the quality of your laundry with its high performance, energy-efficient operation, large capacity and sensitive drying technology.

In this section we answer the questions about the Bosch WTW85410TR tumble dryer.

What are the functions of the Bosch WTW85410TR?

The Bosch WTW85410TR tumble dryer is an energy-saving tumble dryer that can automatically stop the drying process by measuring humidity and temperature with its smart sensors, and ensures that laundry is dried without distortion by protecting delicate fabrics with AutoDry technology. There are also safety features such as a full tank indicator, fluff filter and interior lighting.

How many kilos of laundry can the Bosch WTW85410TR tumble dryer dry?

The Bosch WTW85410TR dryer dries up to 8 kilograms of laundry.

What energy class does the Bosch WTW85410TR tumble dryer have?

Bosch WTW85410TR dryer has energy class A ++ and ensures energy-efficient use.

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