Braun PL5154 Features and User Reviews

Besides the time we spend and the pain we suffer to have smooth skin, it can be very frustrating for hair to grow back as quickly as possible. Thanks to its innovative technology, the Braun PL5154, which allows you to work effortlessly and practically smoothly, can be easily used at home. In this content, we have examined the Braun PL5154 device in detail, from its features to user comments.

Braun PL5154 features

power 100-240W
Number of shots 400.00
Density adjustment 10 levels

Braun PL5154 IPL

The Braun PL5154 is praised by users for visibly reducing hair in 4 weeks. This product, which can be used on even the most sensitive areas with different application heads, allows you to be smooth for 6 months with regular use thanks to its effective absorption.

Here are all the details on the Braun PL5154, the secret to smoothness;

Braun PL5154 design

The Braun PL5154 offers practical and comfortable use thanks to its compact design that fits in the hand, and offers easy access to everywhere thanks to the different heads. This product, which is easier to use during shooting thanks to its slightly inclined head, can be used as long as it is plugged in without any problem, such as the battery running out due to the cable. In addition, it offers the possibility to both store it safely and to take it with you, even when traveling, with its specially designed bag.

How to use the Braun PL5154?

Before using the Braun PL5154, clean your hair with wax or a razor. This way the shots to be made are even more effective because they affect your hair follicles, not your hair. After choosing your special headgear for the area to be photographed, you need to start the device and place it perpendicular to your skin at a ninety-degree angle. You must shoot if you get a warning from light when it is positioned vertically at ninety degrees. The device, which analyzes your skin color 80 times per second thanks to the Skin pro 2.0 technology (SensoAdapt), shoots the right shot for your skin color with every shot. The device, which you can shoot every 5 seconds by sliding without lifting, offers practical and quick use. This device, which you have to apply once a week for the first month, offers completely smooth skin after 4 weeks.


How does the Braun PL5154 work?

Braun PL5154, which allows you to be smooth with ease thanks to the shot technology that affects your hair follicles, analyzes your skin color 80 times per second and provides a flash of the right intensity. Braun PL5154, which you apply by choosing one of the 2 speeds, weakens your hair follicles with every use and prevents them from coming back.

Braun PL5154 heads

Braun PL5154 offers smoothness with regular use and ease of use with the attachments that come with the epilator. The Braun PL5154, which can be used for arms, legs, face, bikini line and many more areas, offers a total of 2 nozzles, a standard nozzle and a precision nozzle. While the standard head is suitable for larger areas and underarm use; the sensitive head is used in more sensitive areas such as the bikini line and face. The product, which analyzes the skin type 80 times per second in both titles, makes a special shot on the applied area. Because the standard wide-window head covers more areas, it offers practical use in areas where application time will take longer. In this way, this product, which helps you achieve more effective results by shooting at every point, offers a solution to the different needs of the body with a single device.


Braun PL5154 Specifications

Number of strokes 400.00
Speed/energy adjustment 2 levels
Usage wired
Number of beats per minute 125

Braun PL5154 offers hygienic and comfortable use at home without the need to go to beauty salons, and attracts attention with its long-lasting smoothness with regular use. The device, which performs an automatic skin analysis test, allows you to get more effective results by taking shots that are suitable for your skin and hair tone. Braun PL5154, which you can apply comfortably at home in a few minutes, offers a suitable use for the structure of your skin thanks to the heads it offers. Preventing you from running out of battery thanks to corded use, this product shoots 125 shots per minute with its innovative technology. In this way, this device, which effectively stimulates each hair root, offers baby-like skin with regular use.

Braun PL5154 Suitable skin and hair color


The Braun PL5154 epilator gives effective results on all hair colors, from natural blond to dark brown and black. Due to the IPL technology it contains, it is not suitable for use on very blond, red, gray and white hair with a low melanin content. Since the device cannot distinguish the color of the hair in such hairs, it cannot effectively target the hair follicles, and as a result, the expected effective smoothness is not experienced.

Braun PL5154 User Reviews


👤 First of all, I chose this brand after a long research before buying the product. The reason I chose this model was that it was two-headed and the number of shots was high. I saw the effect after the first session. I really couldn’t believe it. It made my hair look late, now I’m done with the 3rd session. I really didn’t think it would be so effective. It slowed down my hair growth so much. I always tell myself why I didn’t buy it sooner. I wanted to write it in a way that would be helpful to those who will look at the comments like me and decide. J***** A***

👤 It’s been about 2 years since I started using the product, it’s not bad for now, I think you need to use it regularly for 5-6 months before the product gives full results, of course this may vary from person to person. For example, my armpit is completely gone in 3 weeks, but despite using it for 2 months, there is a 50% reduction in the genital area. N**** D***

👤 The skin is white, the hair is black, it hit me directly. You can get it with peace of mind. A product worth your money. The size, the surface of the feathers became shorter and smaller. I’m glad I bought it. A***** F****

👤 I highly recommend it. Braun quality always shows. There is no need to go to epilation centers and waste time and money in vain. This device definitely gives you the comfort of epilation in your own home, in the comfort of your own home. I am very satisfied and would recommend it to anyone considering buying it. I wish the areas use it in good days. C**** S***

👤 I would definitely recommend it. It’s a great product. Despite having a serious problem due to hormonal disorders, I can say that I benefited one hundred percent. It offers perfect comfort that you can apply yourself at home. MOON****

👤 I did not want to comment without using it, it has been 1 month, I have applied about 3 times, the spillage started, I am satisfied. it goes on like this. C***** A****

👤 I am satisfied for now, I will renew my evaluation in the future, it hurts a little, but it is no different from a normal laser in sensitive areas. B***** S***

👤 It really works, it went half and half from the first month, I used it once a week. SHE****

👤 It’s been 1.5 months, it’s been very successful, it’s almost done in 4 sessions with a very successful application once a week, it almost gives the product its due. U**** D****

👤 The product is great, even in one use I got a serious result. The packaging was also nice. E****T

How many shots is the Braun PL5154?

Braun PL5154 offers effective smoothness thanks to 400.00 shots. This product, which provides as many injections as a single person will use in a lifetime, whether for family use or for a lifetime, provides a suitable injection by performing skin analysis during use.

How much does the Braun PL5154 cost?

Braun PL5154 with 2 heads and 400,000 beats sells for 9,099 TL with its designer bag. The price of Braun PL5154, which differs according to the dollar exchange rate, is usually around these areas.

How far should the Braun PL5154 be used?

The Braun PL5154 should be used once a week for the first month. In this way, the hair follicles are put to sleep more effectively. It can be used on the head once every 2 weeks, depending on preference, to reduce hairs.

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