Btcturk brings its self-service financial services experience to new sectors in its 10th year – Last Minute Economy News

BtcTurk, Turkey’s first and the world’s fourth Bitcoin trading platform, welcomes its 10th anniversary on July 1, 2013, with new services and a new structure.

BtcTurk, with the slogan “There is always more”, is turning into a group of brands that strive to provide end-to-end self-service financial services to its users and businesses, making breakthroughs that will change Turkey’s financial ecosystem.


BtcTurk Pro application, which provides access to more than 80 cryptocurrencies for professional and power users under the roof of BtcTurk, changes its name to BtcTurk Crypto and continues its path with diversified product features.


The “BtcTurk Share” application allows BtcTurk users to trade in Borsa Istanbul and perform stock trading transactions. For example, for the first time in Turkey, all financial services for the world of cryptocurrencies and traditional capital market instruments will be available under the umbrella of BtcTurk, with innovations not available in other brokerage houses.

In BtcTurk Share, there is no system that is common in the stock market and makes the money wait two days after the transaction has taken place. The balances of the users are deposited directly into the accounts after the settlement with the ‘instant use feature’. In addition, exchanges are possible during the weekend when the exchange is closed and cryptocurrencies are exchanged with credits. BtcTurk Share, Elliptik Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.Ş. will operate inside.


Operating in 10 years of Bitcoin’s 14-year history, BtcTurk is expanding its place in the financial ecosystem with the formations of BtcTurk Crypto, BtcTurk Share, BtcTurk Technology, BtcTurk Support companies and BtcTurk Initiative, BtcTurk Wallet under its main brand with over 30 years of experience from its management staff and teams.


To the press conference in Istanbul Swissotel where new breakthroughs were announced; BtcTurk Founder Kerem Tibuk, BtcTurk CEO Özgür Güneri, BtcTurk Technology CEO Ozan Yurtseven, Eliptik Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.Ş. CEO Mahir Kubilay Dağlı, BtcTurk Crypto CEO Onur Güven and BtcTurk Support CEO Murat Tacer were in attendance.

“The 10-year history of BtcTurk is also the story of the development of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry,” said Kerem Tibuk, founder of BtcTurk. From the very beginning, in a category that is emerging in the world but little known, people can safely evaluate and withdraw their financial savings, which is one of their most valuable assets; We wanted to create a platform where they can trade in a clear, open, transparent and easiest way. I am happy to see that we have created a successful brand that can be an example to the world at the stage we have arrived at. In its 10th year, BtcTurk continues to move towards an exciting future with confidence and stability.”

ÖZGÜR GÜNERİ: “There is always more”

Özgür Güneri, CEO of BtcTurk, said:

“As a local company in Turkey, BtcTurk is proud to open the doors of a new financial universe and establish the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency category, reaching more than 5 million users today by taking a journey embellished with reputation and trust in 10 years. Today BtcTurk is one of the exemplary organizations of our country with its qualified human resources, technology production, entrepreneurship and business approach. In our 10th year, we tried to give an idea of ​​what we’re going to be doing for the next 10 years by saying, “There’s always more”. We will continue to grow with the vision of becoming a new generation of self-service financial services group as the first address for breakthroughs that open new horizons with various products and services for both users and institutions in Turkey’s financial universe.”

BtcTurk Share, BtcTurk affiliate Elliptik Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.Ş. will serve inside. Elliptik Investment Securities Inc. Mahir Kubilay Dağlı, CEO of BtcTurk Share He said his goal is to bring the features of easy, fast, reliable and 24/7 trading to the traditional investment world. Dağlı said, “We believe that with 10 years of BtcTurk user experience, we will pave the way for traditional markets for many investors trading in the cryptocurrency world.”


Ozan Yurtseven, CEO of BtcTurk Technology, said: “Due to our quality needs and exponentially increasing demands, we have developed technologies that push the boundaries that have not been tried before in this industry. We integrated with cloud service providers before a company in Turkey needed it. Together we have developed special solutions. In addition to the difficulties they brought us, such exams have given us experience in many areas, from safety and speed to regulations that cannot be obtained in any other sector. The experience we have gained in this sector has grown even more with our team evolving over time. As our team grew, so did our contributions to industry and technology. We will not only transfer the experiences we have gained in the future to BtcTurk, but also to other sectors and companies with the innovations we will offer in the field of finance and technology.”


BtcTurk Crypto CEO Onur Güven said, “Although the rebranding of BtcTurk Pro as BtcTurk Crypto will bring advanced features to professional users, we will also develop this platform with features that will allow new users in the industry to make simple transactions. In this way, BtcTurk Crypto will appeal to all users as a more inclusive, simple and advanced platform. With our innovations, we want to spread the cryptocurrency world to a wider base and contribute to its evolution towards a mainstream position in the financial world.”

Murat Tacer, CEO of BtcTurk Support, said:

“We will use the experience and ability to produce solutions, which we have fueled with the fast and reliable search in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, for all BtcTurk brands. As BtcTurk Support, we have a team of 400 people working 24/7 on solutions for all BtcTurk users. Within this structure, 150 people serve our support center in Uşak and Van, as well as in Istanbul.”

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