Business interactions on social media are down 61 percent in the past 3 years – Breaking News

Instagram’s engagement rates dropped 61 percent in 3 years

The report, which came about by examining approximately 37 million Instagram posts from 2,100 brands across 14 different industries, showed that the engagement rates of brands’ social media posts have dropped to 61 percent on Instagram over the past three years. Noting that interactions on Facebook and Twitter were stable, the report found that the decrease in Instagram interaction rates was only 30 percent in 2022 and 61 percent over the past 3 years.

Oğuz Veli Yavaş stated that the competition between social media platforms is getting more intense every year and said, “This competition is changing the content formats that the platforms are highlighting and these algorithms for highlighting. For example, while Instagram was a photo and static image sharing tool when it was founded, today TikTok prioritizes vertical videos to outshine its competitors like YouTube and Snap. In addition, Instagram rewards content producers who encourage them to produce more content, while encouraging businesses to advertise to protect their existing customers and increase sales. This is the main reason why organic interactions are dropping in company-specific terms.

“Every brand should publish Real”

Digital Marketing Trainer Oğuz Veli Yavaş stated that Instagram’s vertical video format called Reels ushered in a new era on the platform and concluded his evaluations with the following statements: “Instagram Reels, which promises a cleaner content experience compared to TikTok, is the most interesting message type on the platform. . Since vertical videos serve as a search engine for Gen Z users, and users are used to searching for how to do something through channels like Reels or TikTok, the potential of this format for brands seems very high. The report, which we translated into Turkish, contains trend suggestions derived from insights such as ‘Every brand should publish Real’. Also in 2023, in line with Instagram’s own statements, it is not allowed to stick to one content type and Carousel and single visual content must be included in the content calendar. Businesses, brand owners, entrepreneurs and digital marketing professionals can access the full report, which we have translated into Turkish, on our website, making it easier for them to obtain information in their own language.”

Brands share about 4 tweets per week

While Rival IQ’s report shows that engagement rates for branded content on Twitter have remained largely stable, the frequency of tweets by brands across all industries has declined by nearly 20 percent. Companies in the media sector tweeted 17 times more than average. Oğuz Veli Yavaş said that Twitter has had a very turbulent last few months: “Many successive events such as Elon Musk’s takeover bid, the withdrawal of the offer, tensions between shareholders, the takeover of Twitter and large-scale layoffs, Twitter’s loyal user base has led to a meltdown. So much so that many brands decided to stop their Twitter ads during these discussions. When we evaluate all this, it is not surprising that the frequency of sharing on Twitter, especially for companies thinking about return on investment, has decreased.

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