Bypass in working heart discharges the patient within 3-4 days

Prof. Dr. İsa Coşkun shared information on cardiovascular disease and said that the option of surgery for patients who need surgical method is increasing with current technology.

Noting that cardiovascular diseases are a broad topic, Prof. Dr. İsa Coşkun noted that after the examinations, the patients came to their senses and were evaluated by the cardiology doctors. Stating that the treatment option changes according to the one that is beneficial to the patient, Prof. Dr. Coşkun said, “When a heart patient comes to us, we have to take drugs, open the vein with a balloon stent or perform surgery. We apply one of these three options. We decide which surgical method the patients will select based on their current pathology.

bypass in the working heart

Coşkun stated that they were mostly applied for coronary artery bypass surgery and said, “After patient evaluation, bypass in the working heart is the most preferred method. The goal here is that the patient undergoes low-risk heart surgery and as a result of this surgery can continue their normal life for many years without experiencing heart problems. The surgical method we have chosen is one that came about due to a number of necessities. When the first heart operations began, the classical method was used, that is, the surgical method, which is performed by connecting the heart to the lung machine and stopping the heart during the operation. After these operations started, this method was observed to cause a lot of problems to the patient for a while. One of the most common problems in patients after stroke, kidney disease and heart surgery is lung problems.

“They will be fired in 3-4 days”

Coşkun stated that the research of heart surgeons on the best method and the method of surgery on the heart, which works with developing technology, has emerged, and explained the advantages of the method in the following words:

“We started this method today. Bypass in the working heart is performed in 95 percent of the patients we have operated on. The patients can go to the service room the next day of the operation, stay in the room with their family and walk through the service corridors. You can be discharged on the 3rd or 4th day after surgery. They heal faster. Our patient group is generally 60 years and older. In clinics that frequently perform these surgeries, it has been observed that some neurological and sensorineural changes are not seen in patients with a working heart. The patient wakes up early, mobilizes early and recovers faster as if he had had general surgery.”

Points of attention after surgery

Prof. Dr. Coşkun mentioned the problems that the patient should pay attention to after discharge and said: “Patients’ postoperative wound healing is as fast as possible and they adapt to normal life as soon as possible. It is very important that the patient follows the doctor’s recommendations for this. Personal hygiene is very important to reduce the patient’s risk of infection. If there is a concomitant disease, it is important to treat it according to the advice of the doctors. At the slightest problem after the operation, he should consult the doctor who performed the operation.

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