Cable Mini Rest Portable Air Conditioner Features and Reviews

Refreshing for your daily life and a comfortable environment on hot summer days, Kabel Mini Rest portable water air conditioner attracts attention with its innovativeness. This portable water conditioner helps you enjoy your home or office with its more compact size and ease of use compared to traditional air conditioning systems.

This product, which is among the best portable air conditioner models, provides a healthy environment with its filters that purify the air. This portable air conditioner, which can be easily moved to the desired area thanks to its wheels, can be easily installed without the need for service. This content, which we have prepared for those who are considering purchasing Kabel Mini Rest Portable Water Air Conditioner, contains all the information that is curious about the product.

Cable Mini Rest Technical Specifications

Cooling area 25 m2
Airflow 3000 m³
Engine power 130 watts

Cable Mini Rest Portable Water Conditioner Review

Kabel Mini Rest portable water air conditioner can operate without the need for an outdoor unit. Thanks to the dust filter, this product, which provides a healthier environment by attracting dust and particles in the environment, prevents problems such as dehydration of the throat because it increases the amount of moisture in the air during work. This mobile air conditioner, which can be easily carried thanks to its wheels, distributes the air evenly in the environment thanks to the rocking mode. This product, which has 3 different fan speeds, has a work sequence that can be programmed from 1 hour to 8 hours in half hour intervals. This product, which has a very low daily electricity consumption, has a 26 liter water tank.

How Does Kabel Mini Rest Portable Water Air Conditioner Work?

Cable Mini Rest Portable Air Conditioner has user-friendly operation logic. First, clean water is added to the water tank and the water evaporates with the help of the fan in the device. During the evaporation process, the temperature of the air drops and cool air is produced. The cooling air is then distributed to the environment thanks to the fan on the front of the device. This way you can quickly cool the desired room and create a spacious atmosphere.

Cable Mini Rest Portable Air Conditioner Design

Thanks to its light and compact design, Kabel Mini Rest, which makes it easy to take it anywhere, helps to carry it practically without lifting it thanks to its wheels. Thanks to its small size, this portable air conditioner, which you can easily place in any corner of your home or office, is one of the best for its performance, although its appearance may not appeal to some users. Since there is no external drain pipe or outdoor unit, this product, which you can easily place in any corner of the room, is suitable for use in completely open spaces.


Cable Mini Rest Portable Air Conditioner Performance

Cable Mini Rest portable air conditioner attracts attention with its high performance. This portable air conditioner, which provides fast and effective cooling thanks to its powerful fan system and effective water evaporation technology, turns the environment into ice in a short time. This mobile air conditioner, which must be used in small and medium-sized rooms, blows 2500 m3 of air per hour. Cable Mini Rest, which works by taking a break every half hour for up to 8 hours, not only cools down but also eliminates dust and particles thanks to its air circulation function. This product, which has 3 different fan speeds, spreads the heat homogeneously thanks to the swing mode.

Cable Mini Rest, which can also be used in completely open spaces, prevents problems such as a dry throat caused by air conditioning by increasing the humidity with water evaporation. This mobile air conditioner with 130 Watt motor power has 0.5 ampere motor current.

Cable Mini Rest Portable Air Conditioner Filter Function

Equipped with an effective filtration system, Kabel Mini Rest portable water air conditioner delivers clean and healthy air by capturing dust, pollen and other harmful particles in the air. Delivering more effective and better quality air thanks to the cleanable filter system, this portable air conditioner increases the amount of moisture in the air and provides a clean air like a mountain breeze.


Cable Mini Rest Energy consumption and area of ​​influence

With a low energy consumption, Kabel Mini Rest consumes 50 cents of electricity per day. This product, with a motor power of 130 watts, does its best to make you smile on your electricity bill. Kabel Mini Rest, to be used in a space of 25 square meters, is suitable for both office and home use.

Cable Mini Rest User Reviews

👤 I purchased the product and installed it myself by viewing the user manual. It will be enough for those who have a very useful small space. D**** U***

👤 While looking for a portable air conditioner, I came across this product, although it makes a lot of noise, it doesn’t bother me because I turn it on during the day. It is not necessary to remove the pipe from the glass as with other products with good cooling. M*** A****

👤 We have been using the product for three days now, although it does not look very aesthetically pleasing, our workplace is very small, with a beautiful effect, and the area of ​​20 square meters made it cold. D*** B***

👤 The product is a good price performance product. S***M***

👤 I bought it from my store. It has an area of ​​30 square meters. It was effective at cooling, I recommend it for small spaces. ARE***

👤 It was a product that I bought with some hesitation because I had not used the brand before, but it suited me perfectly, especially in terms of price. Now I say I’m glad I got it. S*** S****

👤 The product is good, it may be a headache for home use, but we use it at work. D**** P***

👤 We chose this product when we were looking for good quality affordable mobile air conditioners for our garden house. Although our room was a bit big, it provided enough coolness to refresh. S**** D****

👤 We chose it for my son’s dorm, when he finished school he brought it to his room. I use it in the kitchen in the summer to cool down. S**** M****

👤 The product is pretty good for its price just because the room with a loud noise is in the whole unit. F**** C****

What is the cable?

The Kabel brand is 100% Turkish made in Turkey.

How does Kabel water cool air conditioner?

Cable water conditioners provide cooling with a unique evaporative cooling mechanism. In this particular system, the water pump circulates the water from the water reservoir to the cooling pads, creating a loop. In addition, the pads remain constantly wet, allowing the water to evaporate. The unit’s blowing fan draws in the outside air and passes it through the moistened pads. As the water inside the pads evaporates, the temperature of the air drops. Then the blowing fan distributes this cooled air to the environment, creating a feeling of coolness.

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