Canan Karatay warns: We eat loud noises, but it paralyzes!

Canan Karatay stated that fruits, which are often consumed in summer, are one of the main causes of many health problems and explained the hidden danger in melons and watermelons.

The headlines from Canan Karatay’s speech were as follows:

Grapes, figs, watermelons and melons are the fruits that raise uric acid the most and disrupt the sugar balance the most.

The cause of a heart attack is high uric acid, fruits that increase uric acid are melon and watermelon.

Because the genetics of today’s melons and watermelons have been modified, it increases uric acid.

Due to the high fructose it contains, it makes the liver fat. The cause of heart attacks and strokes is not cholesterol, but high uric acid levels.

Have your uric acid and triglycerides checked. It’s not just melons and watermelons; Molasses, honey, carbonated drinks and alcohol also increase uric acid.

Particular attention should be paid to the white mulberry. Dark colored fruits, fruits such as damsons may be preferred.

Melon and watermelon make the liver fat, people who want to take care of their health should be careful when consuming melon and watermelon.

Those who say, “Why is my vision blurry?”, “Why is my head blurry?” and “Why can’t I get up?”, melon and watermelon should be consumed with care. Especially diabetics should not touch watermelon and melon.

When the triglyceride increases, the clot also increases. As sugar rises, the sudden rise in the hormone insulin causes clots.

When insulin rises, the stickiness of blood cells increases, the vessels shrink and the risk of heart attack and stroke arises.

Apples are not the same as before and due to the pesticides used on the fruit, there are no minerals left in the soil. There are no minerals in fruit.

An apple in 1950 contains 4.5 milligrams of iron. If you ate 26 apples in 1980, you received eighteen percent of the milligrams of iron.

These pesticides have increased fructose in fruit and fructose is an enemy of the liver. Do not trust sour apples, they also have hormones and drugs. Trust the wormy apple.

Such drugs disrupt the balance of hormones, disrupt the balance of sex hormones, cause irregular menstruation. These are always due to hormonal fruits.

After the introduction of modern pesticides, asthma increased by 4 thousand percent, heart disease by 300 percent and bronchitis by 400 percent.

When fructose increases, the foundation of these diseases is laid. The basis is fatty liver.

Fructose is 100 times more fat for the liver than regular white sugar.

Eating fruits is one of the biggest causes of fatty liver disease in Turkey.

When making marmalade, cane sugar may be preferable, but our ladies cannot do without sugar. The sourness of the marmalade indicates that it is healthy. They should not worry about the colander, the lump is important. For example, the seed of a tomato is also very important. Never take it off.

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