Cancer is becoming more common at a younger age

Due to Cancer Week from April 1-7, Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine Department of General Surgery Faculty member Prof. dr. Dr. An event was held at Gevher Nesibe Hospital by Erdoğan Sözüer with the contributions of Kayseri Provincial Health Directorate Cancer Unit. During the event, doctors provided information to citizens about cancer and distributed introductory brochures. Giving information about the event, Prof. dr Words; “Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine Department of General Surgery Lecturer Prof. Dr. Erdogan Sözüer said: “Cancer is one of the most important problems not only in the world but also in Turkey. Every year in the first week of April, numerous scientific and social programs are held to raise awareness of cancer and inform citizens. As our Health Directorate and the Faculty of Medicine of Erciyes University, we organize social awareness programs every year. Today we opened this stand for him,” he said.

Sözüer, who issued important warnings to citizens and emphasized the importance of going to the doctor with all sorts of unusual findings; “There is an increase in the number of cancers. We see that there are about 300 cancers in men and 200 people in women for every 100 thousand inhabitants. This means 500 per 100 thousand people. If we say that the population of Kayseri is 1 million, there are estimated to be about 5000 cancer patients in Kayseri. Another important thing is that we find that cancer is slightly more common in the younger age group.

In men; We see that lung, prostate, stomach and colon cancer are common. Again, in women we primarily see breast, thyroid, stomach, colon and uterine cancers. The most important thing we want to say is this; It is extremely important to submit an application to the relevant department in case of weakness, fatigue, unintentional weight loss, nausea, vomiting, all kinds of bleeding and any swelling in the body in case of unusual findings. We always say; Don’t be afraid of cancer, be afraid of being late. However, we see that there are still serious delays on this point. Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine is the most important health institution not only in this city but also in Central Anatolia. The last message I want to give to our citizens is; Let’s not be afraid of cancer, let’s be afraid of being late. We should see a doctor with any unusual finding,” he said.

Adding that studies on anti-cancer drugs continue, says Prof. Dr. Erdogan Sözüer; “There are serious developments in the world and in our country regarding cancer drugs. We are following them closely. Scientific studies on this topic are continuing at full speed,” he said.

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